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IBS under control - what worked for me!

Hi all,

I've had IBS for 6 years and it is fair to say that it is really depressing and at time all consuming! The strange thing is that until about 6 months ago I had sort of accepted it as something I was stuck with! For me it is painful, embarrassing but worst of all when it is bad it really gets me down, especially when you don't really feel like you can speak to anyone about it!

It is worst for me in the mornings and what actually prompted action was my boss sitting me down and giving me a right telling off for being late (again). I realised at that point I couldn't let it carry on dominating my life and my emotional well being. I am happy to say that after a lot of changes I finally, after 6 years, feel like I've got a handle on it!! It goes without saying I am chuffed to have my mornings back without rushing to the loo every five minutes and feeling sick until lunch time!

Here is what worked for me:

1. I cut out overly rich or greasy foods (curry, greasy fry ups etc)

2. I (try) not to over eat

3. I ditched caffeine

4. I bought a treadmill and finally regularly exercise

5. I gave myself time in the morning - by not rushing I lowered my stress levels (which is one of my IBS' triggers)

6. This is the biggy - I started drinking Aloe Vera juice everyday! I must admit I was dubious but my fiancé pushed me into it and I thought it was worth a go. Thankfully it REALLY works (cue slightly smug fiancé). I noticed a reduction in pain/urgency to run to the bathroom within 10 days or so. Oddly with the exercise and no caffeine I also feel more energetic than I did when I was filling myself with Red Bull!

I now maintain this routine and touch wood I have been largely trouble free for the last 3 months or so - not bad after 6 years unrelenting IBS! I get my juice from here 440500005134.myforever.biz/... (they've also got a Facebook page called Heart of Aloe if you've got any questions) and I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me!

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Aloe vera juice did nothing for me, I'm afraid - in fact it made me much worse!!! However, what worked for me is, like you I've cut out all greasy/fatty foods, all caffeine and also all dairy and all alcohol. I take a very good probiotic and minerals and vitamins every day and have started an exercise programme. Exercise used to set off my IBS but I found that if I started it really slowly and built it up really gradually my body has begun to build up a tolerance to it. My IBS is reasonably settled now. :)


Aloe juice works for me, currently experimenting with Aloe tablets to see if they keep the symptoms at bay.


Hey there happy man 1 could I please ask what ibs category you fall into and how long did it take for your ibs to go away or subside so to speak how many bottles did u have to take of the aloe vera gel how much of it did or do u take in a day to help your ibs thanks for sharing


Hi Texty89 I have IBSd and it used to be a killer in the morning!! I have about 120ml a day just before bed. The bottle last 3-4 weeks. I probably noticed a difference in teams of discomfort and pain after about 10 days but realistically it took a few months before I noticed symptoms calming down significantly. It was worth sticking with though. As some people have said, it doesn't work for everyone but really did for me and I reckon it's worth a shot if you've not tried it before! Hope this helps you


Same as with Trekkiegirl I tried aloe vera juice and though disgusting tasting things usually work, It did not work with me. However I've cut out all of the above and still not noticed any differences... Ahh well I've just kept on trying :) Getting a 2nd opinion from a gastro soon (They made the appointment on xmas eve!!! -_-)


I have an orange juice with beet, carrot, apple and I put a good size chunk of aloe Vera, I have plants all over the garden and also I quit taking all my medicines and now I am almost IBS free


Frtoombs, that's a great idea! Glad to hear from another aloe vera convert! Do you find the other bits help to?


Wow sounds great!


Genuinely couldn't recommend it highly enough. Aloe and exercise are what have helped me most!


aloe vera was one of the first things I tried almost 20yrs ago after reading good reviews but unfortunately did nothing for me either,glad it works for some though.


i read an article on slippery elm,i buy it in powdered form and make a bed time drink which is quite glupy but it works,i was first given this advice because of having ulcers in my tummy but it calmed my tummy and helped with my ibs.over the last 15 plus years i have even had my spinxer of odi muscle being injected with botox ,apparently i was only the second person in uk to have this treatment and this procedure can cause pancreatitus as they have to measure the pressure first and ended up with this!if the botox worked by slowing my gut down they would then cut it but it didnt work and have ended up with severe pain and ended up on temgesic,as well as injecting myself buscopan as the tablets didnt work for me.you name it i have tried it,just wish i had heard of this sooner.

i was also told to read the "Gut Instinct-what you stomach is trying to tell you" by Pierre Pallardy, published Rodale-ISBN 978-1-905744-05-3. it has some good advice on diet,every patient is different and there are somethings that set me off but it is something different in my friend. IBS has affected both my life as well as my families,i hope everyone who is suffering finds help soon x


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