Came across these enteric coated digestive enzymes - good price

I have tried various ones over the years but can't say I noticed any difference. I read recently that they need to be enteric coated to work properly. I found some but they were expensive. I was looking on Amazon for probiotics and saw these by chance. Will report back, although I will also start taking Bio-Kult probiotics at the same time - hopefully the combination will help

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  • Good to know ,how much are you to take a day. I had a non medical health women tell me if I watched my diet and took magnesium all my problems would disappear, plus not all my crap medications. She sells liquid please let me know how you make out. Thanks

  • Mark, would love to know also how you get on. Best of luck

  • No joy so far. I started taking the new enzymes and new probiotics on Friday. My gut has been worse than ever since I had a colonoscopy on Thursday. It took a couple of days just to get the prep out of my system. Early days - I will persevere and report back :)

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