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has anyone had problems after gallbladder surgery

Having had my gallbladder removed in October 2012, I have had IBS for 30 years and managed well with diet and medications, but since having my gallbladder removed, I have had an increase in my diarrohea, every time i am eating there is a rush to the loo. Even my medication is not working on slowing the bowel down, and even when I am eating the foods that never affect my IBS are now affected.

I have spoken to my surgeon who did the operation, and he advised that you can have diarrohea for about 3 months but this will settle, but when I said yesterday when I seen him that i am still having diarrohea he said that this was not good, and was to refer me to a gastro consultant, He did mention that it might be Bile Salts but could not be sure, as again this usually settles 3 months post op.

I am hoping that it is not that my IBS has now got worse by this operation, or that there is another problem to my long list of condiitons I have.

has anyone had this problem or can anyone suggest what it might be?


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Hi. I had my gall bladder removed, at a very young age (16), however prior to this I didn't have any problems with my stomach. My IBS started a short while after, I believe because of the stress of being very ill from gall stone complications. I know that having no gallbladder does increase the speed of passage of food and hence going to the toilet is a more regular thing, however I don't know if it is directly linked to IBS. I was also referred to a gastro consultant who ran several different tests and found nothing. I put my IBS down to the stress my body came under, and it is certainly brought on by stress now, sorry I cant really suggest anything or help but I hope you manage to get sorted.


Hi yes I have the same problem I had gallstones when pregnant it was hell had gallbladder removed 3 half yrs ago sorry to say still getting trouble I now have nervous dyspepsia as well as ibs I can't eat large meals get blocked upset tummy just as fast as eachother


Yes I had mine removed 5years ago I had terrible problems to start with couldn't go anywhere first thing in the morning mine has got about 10% better but I still suffer. Went to Ikea today fancied ice cream got on the motorway to drive home had to pull off at the services and run to the loo. I should have known better its true what Kerrym says you do have to watch what you eat. My consultant told me some people get better and a small amount have this for life. Sorry xx


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