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Multiple medical problems and aging

I have ibs d. Ten years. My doctor has never really been of much help other than sending for coloniscopy. Unfortunately i also have had migraines since age twelve, cancer of cervix age forty five. Eye surgery and now see many floaters and tiny spinning light. Have had tmj for many years, tinitus, and removal of goiter and half of thyroid. I am not looking for sympathy, but at age seventy and a sufferer of depression i am at the end of my rope. Recently a face pain specialist says i have fibromyalgia.

I feel so bad reading various comments from younger people who should be enjoying life.

Yes, total confusion re medications, diet, doctors, etc. and i feel my family is some what fed up with my almost daily pain.

I am in canada but born in uk.

Any other elderly sufferers or those with multiple med problems.... How do you cope?

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hi lucy im frm england i live in edwinstowe village of robin hood i also hv had i.b.s also throid plus depression 4 10 year,s they didnt gv me a proper diognice till about 3 year,s ago i had all the test,s all the pokin the prodin but still nothin untill i had a bad attack of i.b.s that my belly swelled that much it put me in a wheel chair as a now i cant walk iv just also found out im glutton and wheat free plus lacto tolerante it,s not easy 2 enjoy life not knwin wat the day goin 2 be like gud or bad scared 2 eat incase it sett,s ur stomach of tryin so hard not 2 get 2 stressed incase that sette,s it of im 51 with partner i tell him nearly every wk find sum1 else because he should be hvin a life not pushin me everywhere wen im in pain i try not 2 show it because i think he must be sick of me moanin so im toatally with you on the i.b.s side as 2 the other stmtoms uv had im so so sorry lv ann xx


Hi Lucy

The IBS-D has been with me a long time and like you the migraine has continued since my teens and all I have had is an endoscopy of the the lower bowel.

I am just now leaving out the three things they tell us might affect migraine, cheese, chocolate and red wine; though I never thought these things affected me previously.

The little flashing lights when I get up I assume are due to blood pressure, though mine measures normal, so it might just be a case of slowing down and adapting to new things, IE I am now not eating apples and think this helps the IBS.



Thanks everyone. Just getting up here and nice to hear from you before i start my day.

Anne..i have said this to my husband too... I feel i am holding him back from enjoyment, and listening to me moan. Also my adult children. They are sympathetic to a point, not fully understanding.... But unless its your pain, or you are trained to help like Kerry, its a bit baffling..for them. Especially when i have a few days of reprieve and i am sure they think.... Here she goes again. Thanks too John ... Yes i am a lover of chocolate, but if it has to go, it has to go.....i have had more than my share over the years. Funnily enough i bought vitamins yesterday so will check on that web site where you can list all medications and find out if there are no bad interactions.


Lucy and Anne, I really would suggest acupuncture for both of you. It will help with the pain but also how you feel in yourself and once you feel better and happier you will be able to tackle the dietary and nutrition side of things to heal your insides.

In works wonders for migraines too.


...thanks for the suggestion ibsr

I did try it twice last year and wasn't that confident with the man doing the acupuncture - he has a large clientele and also does chiro etc. etc......seemed rushed and although I had filled out a four-page form before first appointment (do they EVER read those forms?) he sees so many people, I think too many so almost forgot who I was.

There are more acupuncture therapists opening up in this small city of 57,000 so maybe I can ask around and perhaps find a place with fewer clients or ? and give it another chance. I wonder if at my age and my previous life will ever make me feel better and happier.

It amazes me recently I have met several ladies in their 80s and have had and have now medical problems but keep on going and have a positive attitude. I just think its too late for me, and my personality :-(


Hi lucy, its just never too late!!!! Try acting 'as if' when u don't feel positive, ud be amazed at how well it works. Just say 'sod it' and get out there, despite how miserable you may be r how sick, the mind is a brilliant tool and I bet if u ask the ladies who have problems in their 80's and keep positive, I bet they will say they just accept their problems and get on with it despite their pains and aches. It won't be easy at first but I bet if you keep accepting and get out there you will amaze yourself. I feel you have let your problems take control, get that control back Lucy, you can do it. Keep us updated and much luck.


...that's very kind advice, thank you

Will let you know how things go



hi lucy it,s anne it,s neva to late dear lady iv tryed nestle chocalate that dosent bother me gv it a try im also terrible with chocalate iv got such a sweet tooth iv had acupunture im glad u wrote that i cudent remember how to spell it lol any it didnt work for me sum doctor,s look at u as thou u dont knw wat ur talkin about but eventually thay get it rite same as u and them old lady,s they did so much livin it up wen they were younger that,s wat happen,s we hv gud we hv bad we try to keep smilin and just carry on u sound a lvly lady wat u bin trough u can cope with this tk care lv anne


Oh I am getting so homesick!! But after 51 years here in Canada, bit late to come back, eh?

Thanks Anne.... it's strange because "sometimes" I could eat reasonably well, and have the odd flareup, but now scared of everything.

My husband says: well, it seems everything gives you "the runs" so eat what you want and take Imodium (anti diarrhea pills). Oh, my daughter doesn't want me to talk about "diarrhea" so I decided when talking to her I call it "stardust." Now she asks how I am I say: I've had a lot of stardust today!

Just looked at the Vitamin pills I bought yesterday and there is 50g of Magnesium, so maybe that will help. I did read ingredients... 12 vitamins and 3 minerals and 14 "non medical ingredients" - not too thrilled about that. Even says "icing sugar" in them!!! And yellow colouring.... No wonder so many people are "allergic" to meds etc.

Again, thanks everyone.... we had snow yesterday so hope you are enjoying the sun, I hear its nice over there right now. J.


Lucy, it is never too late to be yourself. Here is a task tor you..each night write down 3 good things about your day.

Next time your daughter asks 'how are you' focus on the good stuff..tell her something new. Positivity will make you both feel better and besides 'diarrohea' is not WHO YOU ARE!

Have you ever liked being in Canada? From your post it seems you do not want to be there?

Stop giving youself a hard time..learn to accept the good things amd your loved ones around you,

Have you started an elimination diet? Keep a diary of what you eat and your symptoms..you will soon notice from that what triggers your symptoms.

I am on FODMAPS and am so underweight but I am not in pain and do not have stardust;-)

..those are my priorties together with living my life...the weight will come back when I have healed my insides:-D ...the point is focus on what you DO want.


By the way, when you choose an acupuncurist to treat your whole wellbeing, you want to find one that is fully trained and regulated. ( not a chiropractor who uses needles as part of chiropracting). In the uk there is the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) where you can find a list of local acupunturists who are trained in Chinese Medicine.


Ps..ditch those 'vitamin' pills...you do not need extra sugar in your gut. They sound like more harm than good..sorry. Look around are some decent ones.


...oh thanks so much ibsr for the good suggestions. Well I don't buy a lot of no-name meds but they are a lot cheaper. Will talk to the pharmacist next time I am there and get her to recommend something. Yes the chiro I went to is not covered by our government medical plan - so can charge what he wants, luckily I have some medical coverage from when I worked and also my husband's work medical. Don't know how some people are coping with paying medical bills and meds., like in USA.

Off subject, yes I came here when 18 and wasn't too bad while I could save and fly home with my girls to see family every five years or so and my Mum and Dad visited. But that's stopped with my Dad passing away in 1985 and my Mum 97 now with dementia. Its all peaches and cream when you are younger, but over the years, not being to attend family weddings, funerals, etc. etc. does take a toll.

Will leave out details of first failed marriage and raising 2 kids alone, but then remarried a wonderful Canadian and now my girls are in their forties. I did ask them once if they wanted to move back to UK and of course they said no..... but for me, like a plant that has been transplanted, I still have UK soil clinging to my roots.

I had never heard of that diet you are on so will take a look today. Thanks again and take care everyone, J.


Good luck Lucy. Let us know what changes you make and how you feel...it's always helpful for other people who are going through the same things.


Yes I will be sure to do that. Multiple medical issues and aging is no fun - but I try my best and on "good days" want no more than to feel well (or better) and I wish everyone here success in their ongoing endeavour to be free of the pain and distressing symptoms of ibs and related bowel issues. Bless you, take care. J.


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