My anxiety is so bad need some advice please

Hi in 41 been through really bad few months and now last few weeks its got me so bad im in this horrible circle i cant get out first i felt so low and sad now the anxiety had been awful ,i had my ciralopram upped from 20 to 30 m 8 days ago and today my anxiety was through the roof i was scared to go bank as i had to and it seemed the worse trip in the world for me is this just gonna get worse and worse i dont think i could cope and i have a beautiful little boy who i adore and im scared im gonna go mad with all this inside me please give me some.advice


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  • Darren, take a few moments to understand where it comes form, what fuels it and what is the root cause for your anxiety. Is it triggered by certain people? Is it due to an event that happened recently? What links in life have you come up with that fuels your anxiety, and i'll see what I can do to help you understand a bit better.