Hi I recently listened to some of your podcasts and noticed you referred to tennis a few times. I played tennis all my young life but have barely played in the last 4 years since having kids. For some reason I've been getting this feeling that if I started again it would help with depersonalization as I have to focus to hit the ball right etc. and not to jinx anything but I had a good hit with my husband last night and the fog lifted. I know that exercise in general helps anxiety and depression that's why I joined the gym but I think tennis maybe the way to go.

What are your thoughts??

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  • Yes! I believe when we have something to turn our focus from our inner world to our outer world, it makes a massive difference. I took up photography and it did wonders. I believe tennis not only mirrors some of those fearful sensations, which helps you prates challenging them, but also gives you a release from all that built up tension from anxiety. Great idea all the way Aazz and thanks for being a part of this group.