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not what i was expecting to hear.....


so today i found out my younger sister has a brain tumour she has known for a couple of months and not told anyone due to not wanting to worry anyone, she is refusing treatment as she says i dont want to lose all my hair etc i just want to live a normal life. She has told me im not to tell anyone, i know her looks are really important to her and i know that she s worried about losing her job through illness (she has not told them about her illness) as she has a 7yr old to look after and i know she must be scared and that could be why she says she just wants to live a normal life but ignoring it isnt going to make this go away basically i am just looking for some advice on how to support her so please help. thank u

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So sorry, i know how hard this kind of news hits. Try your best to be supportive, find out all the information on her condition as you can, try to help her engage with other people in similar situations, work groups, forums etc. If it's treatable with a good prognosis then try your best to talk sense into her to get it sorted before it gets to bad to treat. I don't really know what to say apart from i understand exactly how hard this can be and appreciate the amount of concern you have, just try to keep cool and do what you can for her, i know it isn't easy but try imagine how much harder it all must be for her. Try not to worry, there is only so much you can do and there's no point in worrying about things that aren't certain or can't be changed.

She has rightly taken control of her own life and, in effect, her treatment. Which is good. From my own initial diagnosis of certain death within weeks and there being nothing anyone can do (said 4 seemingly top doctors), I too took control - over 6 years ago. There are many things to do, each supportive of living longer and better; none are magic bullets.

The Top 10 Things To Do To Extend Survival Time, in declining importance and/or certainty:

1: Stop smoking. Obvious maybe, but many don't.

2: Exercise - Those who walk the longest (up to 2 hours/day) live longer the more they walk. Resistence training (free weights, pressups, etc) too helps many.

3: Reduce overweight/obesity: get your waist measure to less than half your height. Body fat, especially around the middle, increases inflammation, which in turn enhances cancer

4: Cut out alcohol, known to cause cancer

5: Eat a Mediterranean diet - lot of coloured veggies, fruit, and fish. Little meat, especially little red meat. Organic if you can.

5: Cut out sugar, processed foods, fast carbs (bread, cakes, pasta, potatoes)

6: Take supplements: Vit.C, Vit.D3, Curcumin, good multi-vitamin and mineral pill

7: Get a second or more opinion (I had 5 before I got the answer I needed)

8: Choose the best treatment hospital within your range - research hospitals and/or the one doing the most patients with your cancer will probably have the best survival times (and get these figures)

9: Scour the Internet for info on your cancer and hospital/doctor choice - go with the "weight-of-evidence" (those things with the most references and/or authoritative credentials are most likely to be correct).

10: Checkout these websites:

(maybe my blog: bladdercancerfight.blogspot...