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I am new ere and was wondering if someone can give me any advice please. I have had swollen sore and lumpy breast for a month now, I don't get periods any more for the last two years anyway, I went to my doctor who checked me out and has refured me to go for a mamagram , how long do you have to wait for an appointment he said its within two weeks but I'm getting a bit nervous now as its be 4 days and i havent heard anything , when he examined me I jumped in the air as he pressed on a certain spot it was really tender, could this be cancer , I am really worried now. Thanks Annax

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Others more experienced with breast cancer will be able to advise better than I, but first off: if it is breast cancer, then waiting a couple of weeks is not going to make much, if any, difference. Second, breast cancer has one of the highest success rates of all cancers - most people (men can get it too, though rarely) are alive ten years later (more than 85% I think). It is generally more of a chronic condition that can be treated just like any other illness.

You can always get a second opinion. If you need it quickly, you may have to pay (I'm in the UK, where medical treatment is free at the patient level normally), which in the UK may be about £200.

Hi, Sorry I'm a bit late coming to this question. I am a breast cancer patient. In England, the waiting time for a referral appointment is one to two weeks. I don't know about Scotland or Wales, but in Ireland it is about 6 weeks. So it really depends on where you are from. I hope by now you have had your appointment and been told that all is well and not cancer. There are so many different types of non cancerous breast conditions that it could be.

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