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Coping with Tb after 3 infections one after the other


I wrote on here previously about having tb and being on my third infection, I've been on to antibiotics for nearly 6 months, before treatment was on antibiotics for about 3 months, how do u all cope, once twice infected, then taking all the medication an getting knocked back with a 3rd infection, I've had it for nearly a year but only been on proper meds nearly 6 months, I'm so depressed, I go to bed crying, wake up crying an keep thinking why me, that sounds really selfish as I know there's people worse off than me, any suggestions on coping

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Hi. Are these different infections, separate to TB?

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Nope, every time my tb starts to get better, bam, I get another tb infection, I'm told they're all from the same tb family, like that's gonna make me feel any better.

Wow TB three times! Which country are you in? You are not selfish at all, I’m not sure any of can cope with what you are going through. Please stay positive and keep in contact with your family for support. Talking helps all of us to get through such difficult times. Do something nice to occupy your mind, distraction is good therapy. You can talk to us on here about your worries. Writing things down and making a diary can help you get through. You are amazing at what you have had to do to cope with such devastation. Do not miss any of your tablets because that can cause re-infection. We wish you well

I'm in England, my respiratory nurse and consultant have been amazing, I waited so long to get a diagnosis last year, now it won't leave me alone. My husband has been amazing, always there to talk to me and I have a very good friend who I talk to aswell, but after 3 times, they must be getting pretty bored of me by now. Every afternoon I fill a pill pot up with my medication and put by my bedside with bottle of water so I remember to take them before I go to sleep. Thank you for your kind words

I wonder how you managed to get TB in England 3 times? What did your TB team say about it? I’m presuming you took all your treatments religiously with no missed days? I’ve got to say you have been very unlucky.

When we are faced with such challenges it’s no wonder you feel so low, I think we can all appreciate that on here. But your confidence will grow again and you will be able to move on and your struggles will turn to strength x

I have no idea how I managed to catch tb, my husband, his mum and his sister all got screened and I thought if anyone was to have caught it off me, it would have been my husband as we live together, but luckily there results came back negative. I was on 9 tablets for 2 months, which then got reduced, my blood tests have all been fine, got sent for a routine X-ray an was told that a third infection had grown and tablets went up to 9 again, with a new one added. I rattle at the moment. I have to pick up another couple of months worth next wk, seems like there's no end in sight. The only positive thing I can think of is at least I'll get to see the summer this year, get to sit in the garden an have BBQ s with my husband, last year I was so ill, I spent most of the time asleep.

You poor thing- but your right just enjoy the smaller things in life like your garden your family and your bbq! All the best with everything, hope you feel better very soon x

Thank you and thank you for listening, all the best to you aswell

Wow I'm not surprised you feel low - that is a lot to have to deal with. There must be some reason you are getting it again and again - is it always in the lungs? Do you present with the same symptoms each time? Just wondering if there is another specialist in another part of the UK you could talk to? I think in terms of keeping positive, it's all the usual suggestions of exercise, being outdoors, meditation, sleeping well.. talking to people. Sending positive thoughts.

Yes it's always in the lungs, it seems each time I start getting better an tb reduces, another infection occurs. I'm trying to stay positive, but it is difficult. I've been trying scented oils as I heard they're meant to help free stress and worry. Thank you, hopefully in a couple of months, I'll get some good news to share with everyone

Hello Jack1gracie,

I am a medical high school student researching TB. Would you be able to give up a few minutes for a quick chat? Let me know and I'll share my contact info!

Hi, yes that's fine

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