Prostate cancer

I got prostate cancer I started Bo feeling more tired than. Before I seem o be in more pain is that due to the cancer or just coming down with something

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  • It could be just coming down with something, but it's difficult to say that based on what you say. At what stage of treatment are you with the cancer and where is the pain. Some treatments can cause fatigue and if the pain is bone related, that could be the cancer. Best asking a doctor.

  • Probably your doctor will be the one to answer your question. I do know that since I've been diagnosed, I seem to think that every ache and pain is related to my cancer, but in reality, there are other things that cause those too. I think it's very natural to assume that any pain you have is cancer related. Of course, logic would tell us it's not. Share with your doctor and s/he can tell you for sure.

  • Thanks for your input 😊

  • Not necessarily. Google cancer fatigue

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