Yes it's' a mind field when first Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, your mind is every wear. It's been 7 years since I was told that I was at Stage 3a, treatment started May 2010 Radiation Treatment 7.5 weeks after that Time if PSA reaching 10 gleeson given Triptorelin 22.5 mg every 6 months I can tell when PSA is Rising rapid weight Loss It was Frightening in March 2016 when putting my best clothes on for my Daughter's Wedding, looking in the mirror the Weight Loss I was looking a mess, But back on track, but side effect is weight gain which can not control now 98 kg Conclusion is Keep Going there is Life still in Your Body

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  • Hang in there! Can not offer you any medical advice, but I can offer you a shoulder to lean on. Weight loss (or in my case gain) is one of the many wonderful things that treatment for APC gives you. When it think of all the side effects we have to go through I get depressed. That is until I think of the side effect of not having treatment.

  • You alway hit the mark...Thanks!

  • Yes i agree Depression is the Worst Thing to Have and Go Through no one disagrees that P/Cancer gives all of us Doubts to how future in Life. My self been able reassured of further Spreading L/Cancer B/Cancer and Bone Scans are Clear but I can not be free of the Ferr of Returning, they say Stress is a Trigger But Life is never Straightforward, Living in UK is expensive in everyday Cost's and at present being Alone, With my other Disabilities I now on High Risk Register digger47

  • Yes it can be (is) stressful having cancer. For me, I had to get an advanced case of a very rare form (Ductal, ~0.4%). None of the doctors know the best way to treat it as it does not always respond to treatment like normal prostate cancer. Tracking it is hard because about 30% of the cancer does not give off PSA. The end result is that I am constantly arguing with the doctors on how to detect it let alone treat it.

  • Don't give in ...I try not to look in mirrors and keep dim lights on around them..I have the opposite, I've lost 40 lbs and my muscle and strength.I m not really worried about looks, to me all I want to improve is how I feel.People say " you look good" and I guess they are right compared to when I was 30 lbs llighter during radiation.I fasted for 2 of my fasting days out of 5 per week for 2 months straight. It's called fast and live.The theory is that your cells are in a weakened state so the treatments are more devastating to the bad cells.2. 500 calorie days on the day you radiate..

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