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Hi All I have just been diagnosed with T2 3.4 prostate cancer and am shxting myself, I have not yet been offered treatment but a nurse gave me a book on procedures,I am looking at surgery or brachytherapy but don't know which way to go worried about side effects, both have similar side effects one better then thee other.

Any advise experience welcome.

good luck everyone Joe

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  • Hi mate - I can totally relate to what you are going through.

    I am 51 yrs old and diagnosed in February T2 Gleason 9 (4+5) and cancer described as aggressive, high risk, high grade strain. I was sent home with leaflets and left to $hit myself for 6 weeks until bone scan and MRI results were in. Think I cried for the 1st 2 weeks before pulling myself together and starting to do my own research, which is a must.

    I didn't qualify for Brachytherapy as my gleason 9 count was too high, but I did insist on meeting the Radiologist prior to deciding on De-Vinci RP surgery which was done 4 weeks ago. The surgery was text book so I am told and went well, but I went into retention after the catheter was released after a week and my nightmare began. I would defo recommend the surgery as I appear to be one of the unlucky one's. I have a leakage in the joint work, so the catheter was put back in until this issue is seen to heal. Now into week 5 with the catheter which is a chuffin nightmare.

    I feel for you as the journey is like a roller coaster of emotions - at the minute, I am on a low at present, but believe me when that catheter came out after week one and for a short while everything appeared fine, I felt fantastic !

    Keep in touch and if you need to ask me anything then feel free - not sure where you live but I am attached to this forum which gives additional info and support:


    Best Regards

    Tony (from Newcastle UK)

  • Hi Joe,

    Pretty much the same position - I was diagnosed last Thursday T2, gleason 3.8. I'm 60 and was planning to take retirement in September and this is pretty awful timing! I'm planning on taking up the offer of active surveillance. I'm looking for at least a few years without the risk of incontinence or ED - I've a retirement lump sum and my wife and I are planning to make the most of it.

  • I meant PSA 3.8 and gleason 6!

  • Hi Joe the hard bit is deciding on treatment options but remember they will all be good at removing the cancer after a lot of thinking probably too much I am going for surgery. Lots of good luck. Ken

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