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Hi I have been told I am going to have treatment radiotherapy for four weeks and hormone tablets for two years and then monitored any one have any information just shocked at the moment because I have no symptoms and psa 4-9

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  • It is never nice when they tell you that you have cancer. The good news, and it is good news, is based on your treatment it is in the early stages. I have Stage 4. No symptoms. Had surgery, 38 rounds of radiation and I am in nine months into two years of Lupron. Guess what, still walk the dogs, ride a bike and even scuba dive. Do not let your diagnoses stop you from living.

  • You are "The man" I like your spirit. Thanks for inspiring people!

  • Thank you need reassurance at the moment fell I have been handed a death sentence pas is 4-9 Gleason is 8 I have no symptoms at all bo you think the radio and tablets will fix it they say it is slow growing

  • For me the hardest thing was deciding on the treatment plan. The good news is that whatever treatment plan you pick your outcome is better than if you did nothing.

    Good luck! We are all on your side!

  • great reply Dr Who Ken

  • 1313,

    Did you have a biopsy?? You didn't mention one or a Gleason score.

    A biopsy needs to be performed to determine of you have PCa. Then a Gleason score will be given.

    Some do have PCa, and no symptoms are present. My opinion that would be an exception.

    You said PSA 4-9 ...which is it? If it is a 9 that would be a high number, could benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH...or Prostate Cancer.

    More details on your status, would be more helpful.

  • The PSa is 4 point 9 and the Gleason is 8 and the biopsy say there is cancer there but slow but didn't offer surgery

  • 1313, A Gleason score of 8 is defiantly a red flag for treatment. Some cancers are non aggressive, but some are aggressive. PSA readings and biopsies over time is a good indicator. Genetic testing can tell non agressive, aggressive prostate cancer.

    How old are you? Age can be a factor on type of treatment. Older men most usually are not considered for surgery. I would suggest you ask for a MRI guided biopsy. A MRI will give a more difinitive answer whether or not the cancer has left the capsule. Lots of these questions needs to be directed to your Urologist.

    I hope the best for you going forward.

  • Correction, I meant an MRI, not a biopsy. Also find out what stage was determined?

  • Hi Rodger they have told me mine is medium to slow growing and it is contained and no surgery because they think it is thin on the top of the prostrate and radiotherapy would get it all with the tablets as well

  • 1313, I am presently having radiation done. Just finished 22 fractions. No Hormone therapy. My Gleason score was 4+3=7 Stage T1c. There are side effects of radiation, however, it is more bothersome to some than others.

    One thing in your favor, you have time to make an informed decision on treatment. Relieve your self of the anxiety of PCa. Get a second opinion if you are not completely satisfied with your Urologist. I actually did get a second opinion and changed Doctors.

    You are fortunate however, that your cancer was discovered while still contained. I would definitely consider all options on treatment, like I said you have time.


  • Thanks for that I can only have radiotherapy because of the thining on the top because if they don't get it all with an op they say they will with radiotherapy and hormone tablets

  • G' Luck going forward. I wish the best! !

  • Fear of the unknown is always the problem .Stage# and Gleason score will tell most you need to know.Do you know those numbers? Sounds like you hopefully you are not advanced .If contained to prostate ,and non-metastatic ,much much simpler easier to treat. If not,you will deal with it. P. C. In any form is frightening,because of what possibly can happen but just the diagnosis in any form is scary .No one will tell you different.My best advice is be your own doctor , follow you gut.In my case from day one I went under the care of a natural Pathic onocolagist in Tucson.1of only 100 in the U. S. But western med will tell you that nothing else has been proven to work.They just don't preach nutrition or alternative medicinal beliefs.I "had to do conventional ADT ,radiation,plus many things that you will never have to do.try to counter act any treatments with natural foods and remidies .Docs work on stats , my belief is if I had followed only the conventional path,I wouldn't be here today.No matter what ,you will be tested in every way that you can imagine,and probably some that you never imagined.Stay tuff ,& you will make it.Everyone who has or is going through P. C. Knows exactly what you're going through.I believe that you are ahead of the ball ..Stay that way. Be vigilant,and stay ahead of it.You are going to be good.This is a great site for us, because people are speaking from personally dealing with it..

  • The fact is that few of us have symptoms. I had a random psa check August 2015 which showed result of 5. Top end of normal for a man in his 70s. I was 74. Rectum exam showed small lump. Biopsy gave Gleason of 8 (quite high). MRI CT and bone scans all clear with no leakage. Da vinci robotic surgery in Nov 2015. Bag for 8 days and pads for 6 weeks. PSA steady at 0.1 undetectable since then. We are all different. Take advice of the Urologist

    I hope all goes well for you.


  • Allow yourself the emotional time to deal with this information. The shock will pass and you will accept, fight and live a long life.

  • That sounds like the best treatment for Gleason 8 prostate cancer. You basically have one chance to stop it before it spreads through your body. By the time there are symptoms from the cancer it is usually incurable, and a painful death is only a few years away. Yours seems to have been caught at an early and curable stage.

    The radiation treatment is usually not too bad - urinary symptoms and tiredness but not much else initially. Sometimes in a few years there's some bleeding from the bladder or rectum, but usually not too bad and curable.

    For the tiredness, exercise! It apparently really helps.

    The effects of the hormone tablets vary widly. Some men find it easy, some find it very rough, emotionally or with forforgetfulness. It makes a big improvement in the chances of curing the Gleason 8 (or higher) cancer.

  • Hi. My husband had no symptoms at all and was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer which had spread to the lymph nodes (T4N1) Gleason score of 9 (4+5) and PSA of 230 by the time treatment started in May 2015. On 3 years of Hormone Therapy (Zoladex) which will be completed by May 2018, not suitable for surgery. Was becoming resistant to the hormone therapy and the Bicalutamide but started 38 treatments of radiotherapy in June last year. Results were excellent and now has a PSA which is undetectable, so please take heart. I know it feels such a shock when you get a diagnosis and yes, it does feel like a death sentence, but it's not and treatment progresses all the time, you need time to digest and get your head around what is going on but please stay positive and go for all the treatment you need. Good luck.

  • I'm in a similar citation as he.Your advice it sound.Doesnt have to be a death warrant.

  • I started my journey back in 2003, no symptoms just feeling rubbish. Dr happened to tick PSA box in blood test and was 25, biopsy Glesson 7.

    Hormone implants Zoladex and radiotherapy. Then just Zoladex for several years until PSA was 0.01 for several months.

    Nothing then just monitoring until a couple of years ago PSA started to rise. Watched it until it was 12 then back on the Zoladex plus a Bicalutanide 50mg

    I am now 77 and will be of Sailing for a few months soon as I have done every year even before 2003.

    The main thing is there are some side effects but nothing compared with the alternative.

    The Radiotherapy was a bit draining towards the end, slept a lot. The Hormone implant the Dr arrange to have either a 1month or a 3month one to fit in with what I wanted to do. A couple of times I had to have one out on an Island in the Ionian. The side effects, just remember, it is a female hormone and resist the tendency to do the dusting and ironing.

    My PSA is now down and will have a 3month one the end of April; all being well will stop again and revert to monitoring.

    There is life after prostate cancer especially if, like you and I, it is found early enough.

    It’s not a fun ride but we can certainly survive it.


  • Dusting , ironing , baking cookies,wearing a moo moo .Keep up the great attitude.Great advice for us all.Thanks!

  • You can get ahead of this ,but it is a life of doing what's best to keep it away,and that's up to you not your doctors ,to follow treatments and remedies to treatment.that you dream correct.

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