Hi all Nuray here,had my prostate removed just two months short of two years my psa reading is 0.13

Hi every one,aim 55 years old male had my prostate removed May 2015,just two months short of two years? My recent psa reading has gone from 0.4 to 0.8 now my last three monthly psa is 0.13 my radiology consultant at Barts sending me for Radiothereapy 6 and half weeks session ? Would love feed back on my reading and my options Nuray

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  • Hi Nuray

    Same here im 3 weeks through radiotherapy so very little sided effects at the moment but im told the last couple of weeks will be the worst.

    Good luck with your treatment m8


  • Cheers Gary all the best to mate,hope it all goes yr way to mate bye keep in touch fella

  • You too Nuray hope you get great results from the treatment, my PC came back six months after having my prostate removed in March 16 gleeson score was 4+3 and im also 55yrs so hoping the radiotherapy will give me a few yrs at least.

    Take care keep in touch


  • Will do mate hope the dreaded cancer goes away leaves us to enjoy our love one mate,keeping my fingers crossed for ya 👍

  • I had Stage 4 at the onset. Surgery, hormonal and38 rounds of radiation. Radiation was the easiest to deal with.

  • Hi Dr Who,thanks for yr kind words and experience in this field mate,would love to hear yr opinion regarding my prostate recurrence many thanks Nuray

  • Hi all,Nuray here,just read some one post ?reqarding hormone Injections?he had terrible time on them?and opted to have his balls removed?seven years on his still alive and psa 0.1 back at gp?pls can some one shed some light on this for me?as I'm thinking of having mine removed rather then hormone injections every month and Radiothereapy to go through to? Nuray

  • Hi Nuray, removal of both testes , an orchidectomy , was popular in the U.K. a decade or so ago. It became less popular since LHRH agonists like Zoladex were introduced.

    In almost every case the end result of an orchidectomy is identical to long term Zoladex/ Goserelin. Testosterone will still be made by the adrenal glands after either treatment.

    Traditionally the first Zoladex injection only lasts about 4 weeks. If it causes severe side effects then these will resolve after the Zoladex has worn off

    However, you can't reverse an orchidectomy.

  • Hi Ritchie's,thank you very much for your kind reply,just trying to get my head round it😇I guess it's a long journey with this dreaded Cancer?positive thinking and will to get on with it will be tested no doubt?my cancer Nurse said the same thing but going through hormone injections and having to go to Radiothereapy at Barts every day will be demanding but must do situation I guess Ritchiek mate?thanks you for your input rewards Nuray

  • Hi Nuray, I'm being treated around the corner at Charing Cross. Have been on Zoladex since DX now in year 3. Onco keeping me on it as background help. No probs, side effects as note are minimal. When PSA rose (200 down to 2 then rising to 26) put me on 10 cycles chemo. Great. Back to constant 2. After 10 cycles only Zoladex for 5 months. PSA back to 26. From Sept to now reducing monthly to 0.06. Also 90% + of original 30+ bone mets disappeared. No new growths.

    Could not have RP as prostate burst pre DX and ca. probably spread over 2/3 years prior.

    Zoladex with additions as already pointed out replaces Orchiectomy. Good luck .

  • Hi scruffy,thank very much for yr kind response mate?my Onc putting me on Prostap injections first jab this month on the 9th on the 6 got my induction for Radiothereapy at Barts mate not sure if Zoladex is better hormone to take then Prostap mixed feeling mate about it all?glad your feeling well in yr self mate it's a big Bonus mentality Nuray

  • Besides making choices that you never thought that you would make,take all measures to cut all processed sugars and foods out.If able to exersize in any form stay with it .Important to oxygenate your system.Personnally I've tried many alternative options along with conventional. Lots of veggies everyone agrees with that.Whatever treatment you decide , my advice is to try everything that you believe can possibly help..There are folks on this site alone, with incredible experience and knowledge. You are lucky, I wish I had this when I was starting 2yrs ago..I've been on here just a few days and I'm blown away by how beneficial I think this wealth of info and incuragement can be to us. Good luck!

  • Any user been on Prostap injections?aim on 21 bicalutamide tablets for 21 days it's my third day now?on the 9 match first Prostap injections then at the same time starting Radiothereapy for 6 half weeks pls if any one gone down this road advice me Nuray

  • i Nuray.

    I had Da Vinci robotic surgery to remove my prostate in Nov 2015, 15 months ago. PSA was 5 originally and Gleason was 8. Three monthly PSA checks since then have all been 0.1 (in-recordable). I had no leakage from the prostate and CT, MRI and bone scans were all clear.

    I have to admit that I believed that once the prostate was removed, there could not be any PSA increase at all as there is no longer a prostate! From reading your comment and some of the replies, it seems that that is not the case and that PC can recur. Again, how can you get PC if the prostate is no longer there?

    That said, the prognosis by the Urologist in January 2016, six weeks post op, was: '.....This gives him an excellent prognosis with a probably 10 year risk of PSA recurrence of only 12%'.

    SO even that prognosis states that recurrence CAN happen! All very strange


  • Hi tel boy,the thing is mate as long as yr testicles are in there yr body can produce testosterone and that's what feeds the cancer your case might be different as y had clear margins with yr biopsy results mate?they made me believe at Barts mine cancer was confined within the prostate wall?wish I had recorded the consultant at Barts they playing with people's life guessing prognosis etc mate

  • I'm told by my prostate cancer specialist that testosterone is produces 85% in the testicles,15 % by our petuitary gland.Than the incideus nature of P. C. Is that if you do have metastatic tumors that they can actually if starved from outward testosterone start producing their own and start feeding on their self. No body wants that!! Gotta fight all the way..

  • I hope everything goes well for you.

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