PSA 25 over 90 years old

My father has had a high PSA test recently - 25. He has no other symptoms but his GP referred him to a Urologist due to the high PSA.

The Urologist said they will do a bone scan and re-do the blood test in a few weeks to see if the level is rising. He hasn't ever had a PSA test before.

I dont know much about Prostate cancer yet so having to do a lot of reading. I guess a biopsy wouldn't be performed due to his age? If the bone scan shows spread what are the options then if they don't do a biopsy



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  • He has no symptons, at age 90.. my view I would let him live....and definitely No biopsy. And Not Get A Other PSA.

    He is 90, let him enjoy what years he has left. No doubt his PSA is high, he is 90 years old.

  • Thank you

  • I agree with the reply from Roger. At 90 years of age I would leave well alone. PSA of 25 is not that worrying at his age. If the cancer has spread to the bones, there is little that can be done apart from pain killers. If it has not spread YIPPEE. The GP referred him as a precaution I would guess. As for knowing very little about PC, that is where we all start. With no symptoms at all, I had a random PSA test in August 2015. That was only 5.0 ( around the maximum 'normal' for my age of 74. Even so, a rectum exam showed a small lump on the prostate. A biopsy showed a Gleason score (look it up) of 8, which is high. BUT MRI, CT and bone scans were all clear. Urologist suggested a full prostatectomy rather than lengthy radiotherapy. I accepted that and it was done in Nov 2015. PSA now steady at 0.1 (undetectable). I reckon that the loss of libido etc. was a small price to pay for the 'all clear'. We are all different, but I would be surprised if the Urologist suggests any treatment at all for your dad.

    Stop worrying. I am sure that your dad is not as worried as you seem to be.


  • Thank you

  • I would recommend Peter 10 gets hold of a copy of 'The Prostate Small Gland Big Problem' by Roger Kirby.

    As for how doctors make their decisions : of course it is unmentionable, but cost is a major factor. It has to be until our spending on the NHS matches what other similar countries budget for health.

  • He's had a bone scan now which shows 'something' on the spine as there is mildly increased uptake. Everywhere else is 'unremarkable'.

    The report says the 'subtle abnormality at L4 is of doubtful significance'. He had a MRI yesterday so we are now waiting for the results from that so I guess 2-3 weeks.

  • Just an update on Dad.

    They did his PSA blood test which was 0.2 lower. He still has no other symptoms.

    He was sent first for a bone scan that showed a suspect area on his spine. This was followed by an MRI scan which showed this was "not cancer" (probably an old injury from a fall he had a year or so ago.)

    He's just had a letter from his urology consultant to say he dosn't need to see him now but will recheck his PSA and see him in clinic in 3 months.


  • Coming up to the 3 months now and my 90 year old father is due to see the urologist again in 2 weeks. He's just had another PSA and it's now 36.

    He has no symptoms at all but is now worried as the GP rang him to give him the result and said its likely cancer. He's panicking now as the MRI on his spine was clear so he didn't realise there was still a problem 😕

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