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Hi Guys,

Well finally got my biopsy results last night from the consultant. the initial finding based on DRE and PSA of 4 backed up with MRI showing two large shadows on the prostate, PIRADS score was 4 and so the consultant at that point was saying it all looks like PC albeit still within the prostate.

A total of 50 cores were taken via a template biopsy , now I know why I feel so dammed sore and swollen everywhere, even 10 days after the biopsy was done.

Results have come back as all clear each and every one of the 50 cores was clear/benign. What I do have however is BPH with two large benign tumours in the prostate.

So consultant wants me back in March to see how things are developing while I take medication to shrink the prostate and to monitor the tumours. Will be going for a urodynamics evaluation to see why I am going to the toilet so often especially at night. Will also reassess my PSA values and run another MRI scan to check on the two tumours.

Just got to recover now from the biopsy and let all the swelling and bruising go away, urologist is also talking about a possible urolift procedure to help with the urination problems but at the moment I can live with the frequent trips to toilet.

Big relief to say the least BPH I can live with no surgery to go through, not was looking forward to that especially as the biopsy was so bad.

Good luck to all you guys who have not been so lucky as I have so far.



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  • Its always good to read such news as yours. I am happy for you

  • Hi Andy I have been through about the same as you only diagnosed with PC 15 months back my psa was 8 at the time I had 2 biopsies in quick time and they found 2 small tumors within the prostate I went on active surveillance as my numbers were low, I went back 3 months later my psa was 1.6 and everything felt normal so off for an MRI scan that confirmed I had low grade pc, so now back every 3 months everytime that I have been back that's now 4 times my psa has dropped, I had my 3rd biopsy just before Xmas 2016 nothing changed psa 1 so just keeping an eye on me , but I had an enlarged prostate for some 12 years and was prescribed tamsulosin and have been on that for years, but started to not be as effective so I asked my GP for Finesteride which he gave me and boy do they work once they are in your system my prostates shrunk urinating ok so recommend , the only down side is the urologist needs to know about this drug as it alters your psa but as long as they know your taking it its no problem, but well done my friend I am sure you will fine now that you are on their radar you take it easy and all my best

  • Hi 040951,

    Thanks for the reply, absolutely great info, I am on Tamsulosin not sure if it is doing anything, I am still getting up around 3 to 4 times a night to go to the toilet, during the day am going every 20 to 30 minutes. Whilst not painful it is a real pain in the backside going so frequently. Would Finesteride reduce the frequency (I guess it might if it reduces the enlarged prostate).

    A really helpful post / reply, this site has proved to be so valuable in the few weeks I have been here.

    Thanks for your reply it's very much appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Andy I am still on the tamsulosin aswell as the finesteride 5mg I don't get up in the night any more as I have said the finesteride shrinks the prostate the tamsulosin relaxes it I would recommend you try for the finesteride my friend,takes a week or two to kick in but if you get it prescribed stick with it, I didn't think it was working then suddenly bam 100% better, check it out on the net I am sure it will work for you please let me know how you get on the thing about this problem that we have is don't be afraid to ask and talk about things and don't allow it to run your life like I have said now you are on the radar they are watching you just chill like me you take it easy my friend

  • Hi 040951,

    So the two meds work together, I am only on Tamsulosin which is probably doing what its supposed to do relax the prostate, I have no probs passing urine just that am doing it so often :-(. I'll ask GP for the Finesteride and see a) if she will prescribe it - don't see why she shouldn't and b) see how I get on and hopefully will start to get a full nights sleep.

    Thanks for the great heads up on this one much appreciated.


  • Iam sure it will be good for you they both work fine together just remember when you go for a psa test in the future as you will be doing you must tell them that your on it this is a must as it alters the readings also inform your urologist you will be fine Andy take it easy mate

  • Hi Andy- when you say Finasteride altered you psa was that up or down?

  • Hi Wingnutmcfc,

    Not yet got onto Finasteride yet, waiting for GP appointment, takes ages round where I live can be as long as 3 weeks. Mainly thanks to all our EC visitors.

    Will be having a second PSA done in a few weeks once I recover more from the biopsy which has not been too pleasant to say the least, still very sore and tender even after almost 3 weeks since the biopsy.



  • Not yet started on Finastride but it's know to reduce PSA levels and so when you go for a PSA test you need to tell them you are on Finastride so they can take it into account when doing the test

  • Hi does the finesteride make your PSA go up or down?

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