Possible Prostate cancer

Hi I am a newly diagnosed possible prostate cancer patient, symptoms started two to three months back and were massive increase in urination not just through the night but even during the day. Often needing to pee around 4 or 5 times an hour, finally plucked up courage and went to doctor who carried out a DRE and told me I had a very much enlarged prostate.

Have now been seen by Urologist who confirmed GP's findings, PSA score was 4 so borderline for a 63 year old. Now going for what they describe as a detailed 90 minute MRI scan this coming Tuesday.

Not sure how it's all going to turn out and what next, guess I'll have to trust in the hands of the experts. I'll post results on here once I have the follow up meeting post MRI scan.


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  • Andy fingers crossed for you. Never said anything about a biopsy, really need to know what your "Gleason score" is, if it's 4 or under, great stuff.


  • Hi Rog,

    Not had biopsy done yet, consultant wants to see results from MRI scan first and then will consider biopsy and further treatment accordingly, go for MRI scan tomorrow Tuesday 20th and get to see consultant next Wednesday 28th for the results. So don't know my Gleason score as yet, hopefully will find this out after the MRI scan.

    Thanks ,


  • Hi All / Petrolhead9,

    Well have had my results from the MRI scan and it's not all bad news, there were two areas of concern one on each side of the Prostate fairly large areas as well. Urologist gave me a PI-RADS score was 4 not good but could have been worse. So next step is a template biopsy which is scheduled for 11th Jan, not looking forward to this at all or the possible results.

    Outlook is not great but urologist is confident it has been caught very early and so long term prognosis looks good albeit with the possibility of total prostate removal :-( . Have looked at the side effects of this operation and although not 100% expected to experience all the various side effects it still does not make me feel good.


  • I was diagnosed Nov 14, with PSA of 28, had MR I and biopsy, with a Gleason score of 9...Type A, advanced, I am 72 years of age, physically good, but would not operate which is what I wanted. . Had 37 days of radiotherapy, followed by the last 2 years of Zoladex implants every 12 weeks, brought PSA down to less than 0.1 good, but have had maximum for this implant. Have to keep having blood test every 12 weeks,if PSA rises do not know what will happen, but they may put me back on implant again. Good luck

  • Andy - I'm 58 with a PSA of between 4.9 and 4.7. I had the MRI scan with nothing showing up and following that, the biopsy with a Gleason of 6. I'm on active surveillance and feel good that it's been found early. It's great that you're in the process of having everything looked at and my advice to you would be to stay positive. My initial wait to see the consultant was 38 weeks, but thanks to Benenden I saw him with 24 hours and between the MRI and the biopsy, I had everything sorted within 4 weeks. Good luck for the MRI - it's not too bad but it's very noisy so make sure the headphone volume is high before they start the scan otherwise you won't hear the music!

  • MRI us a very good first step in diagnosis. note that small Gleason 6 prostate cancers that don't show up on MRI also don't need treatment - as in Twobins case.

    There are some more dangerous prostate cancers that don't show up on MRI which is why you might be advised to have a biopsy anyway, but the MRI needs to be done first (bruising form a biopsy blinds the MRI) and it's more sensitive than a standard biopsy.

    There's an excellent chance that all you have is benign prostatic enlargement but it's worth investigating to exclude a dangerous cancer in there.

    Good luck with the MRI. As Twobins said it's no big deal.

  • Hi MelborneDavid,

    Really appreciate your comments and well wishes.


  • Boy let me tell you the Biopsy was no walk in the park if you know what I mean.

  • Maverick9523 - maybe I was just lucky but my biopsy WAS a walk in the park. No pain, no discomfort and over in a few minutes. I was surprised when the urologist told me he had finished. I had a couple of nice nurses to talk to when he was doing the procedure to distract me. I've had worse trips to the dentist. If I was told I'd need another one tomorrow I wouldn't worry about it. I mentioned how easy it had been when I saw the urologist for my results and he explained that it all depends on the pain block numbing - some people take to it better than others. My urologist was so quick - slight scratch from the numbing then I didn't feel anything - all I could hear was the clicks of the needle at each sample.

  • Prostate biopsy has come a long way. When my dad had it 30 years ago they didn't numb you up. I could only imagine how painful that was. Today they numb it, and you only feel the pressure and the clicking of the Spear gun.( what I call it). You could easily do it again, if that gives you some sort of gauge. It is much more scarier in your head than it turns out to be. 15 minutes to make a life saving decision.

  • We are all different. At 74 years of age, I went for a PSA check in Aug 2015 on the suggestion of my wife even though I had no pain, aches or symptoms. The PSA reading was 5.00 which is about the maximum for a man in his 70s. Rectum exam showed a small lump on the prostate confirmed by the Urologist. MRI scan showed no leakage. That was followed by a full CT and bone scan. Again all clear. The Urologist offered a complete prostatectomy by Da Vinci. I had that in Nov 2015. No pain or aches at all. Wore bag for 8 days and pads for around 6 weeks. PSA readings since are steady at 0.01. You should listen to your Urologist, but you may well not have prostate cancer at all. There are many treatments that will be offered IF you have PC.

  • Should add that my Gleason score was 8. That is on the 'aggressive side'.

  • Andy we have all been in your situation and are here for answers when we can help. Read through the questions and answers and get a sense of who we are and how we cope with our individual situations. I joined in October 2015 and have learned so much and relax so much better. Happy Christmas.

  • Hi Scruffybut1,

    All I can say is this site is full of really nice people who obviously know what it's like to have this worry hanging over your head. I have had some really great info passed my way which as you point out definitely helps to reduce the stress levels etc.

    I am now waiting on the results of my MRI scan last Tuesday and seeing the Urologist Wed 28th after Christmas hopefully with some good news.

    All the very best to you and your family for a great Christmas and New Year.


  • Hi Andy I am 62 I had no symptoms just a slight increase in my PSA 5.5 had an MRI found to be suspicious so then had a biopsy not pleasant but not painful,now in the process of seeing various doctors to decide on treatment which I am finding very difficult to do.

    Don't know whether to go for surgery or brachytherapy.

    Anyway good luck hope all goes well for you. Joe

  • It is stressful when they say it may be cancer. The key word is "may". Hopefully what you have is an enlarged prostate and not cancer. Even if it is cancer, hopefully they have caught it early. My brother had similar symptoms to you but a PSA of 14 (he is 62 years old). Tests confirmed it was not cancer. (I, on the other hand have advanced prostate cancer).

    Praying for good tests results!

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