Hi... Any Mountain Bikers in this club. North Scotland

Hi all

58 yo at time of diagnosis.

Went to docs in jan 2015 with slight but growing tingling sensation in perineum. Put it down to nerve entrapment due to a life of excess cycling. PSA test ordered as part of bloods tests. Raised at 5.1 leading to DRE (suspicious) leading to 14 core Biopsy 7of 8L+1of 6R positive G7 (3+4)

Biopsy Feb 2015

RP Da vinci March 2015 unilateral nerve sparing negative margins.

Pathology PT3a 3+4 . Established EPE and Perinural invasion. Some tertiary G5. No other adverse pathology.

Opted for aRT in Aug 2015 as belt and braces before leaving country for 6 months

PSA 5.9 pre surgery <0.1 since.

Doing well in retirement with 'only' ED and some degree of radiation induced Incontinence to deal with so far.

Looking into surgical options for both impediments.

Caverject works for ED but is about 6/8 on pain scale. (first such assisted erection, 10ml dose, lasted for over 3 hours... thought I was heading to casualty at local hospital to get the antidote!)


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