Hi everyone. Yesterday I found this video on the Internet. It is about an American guy who found out quite late that he had prostate cancer and it had spread into his bones, however, he started taking a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and molasses with water and a few weeks later he had another scan and the cancer had disappeared, he had killed it. The vide of him showing how to make this mixture is here below. It cannot do any harm but try it out. Also, if you just google "Bicarbonate of soda and molasses cancer treatment" A lot of links come up. I hope this helps all guys on here, especially so if you haven't heard of this. I hadn't heard of it and I started drinking the mixture last night.

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  • I found this medical trial about bicarbonate of soda too as well. Have a read.

  • Here is the recipe in full

  • Another read about the same guy

  • Maple syrup can be used instead of Molasses

  • I do not agree with this sort of thing being posted giving people false hopes half of the probem with any illness is accepting it into your life and learning to live with it this sort of thing does not help and I am very disappointed that it has been put on this site I will now be removing my name as it does not help anyone

  • Well said Sushel. This kind of "cure" is rubbish and gives people false hope. Please don't leave the group... it's important sensible people like you stay here! :)

  • How can it be rubbish Bob when hundreds of people have been cured by it?

    Regards Jamie

  • Proof please, that hundreds have been 'cured' by this simple treatment.


  • All the information is on the Internet Terry. Just google bicarbonate of soda cancer treatment or Raising PH level cancer treatment. It is all there. I have put some links to read on here. A clinical trial has been done in the USA which confirms that it works. I have decided to go on it anyway, as I think to myself, why not try it, no harm done is there and let's see. I have another ct scan in September so if it shows my cancer has appreciably diminished I will let all on here know this.

  • Lol Jamie, so instead of reading peer-reviewed medical articles we should "just look it up on the Internet"?

    Advances in science and medicine don't work like that!

    Fortunately, most Western countries realise Homeopathy for the scam it is. Homeopathy can only grow where there is scientific ignorance and poor people desperate for cures to their illnesses.

    A bit like the snake-oil salesmen of centuries past.

  • Dear sushel I am shocked that you have reacted this way. If you have watched the video of the man who's mastasised cancer has gone now, simply by Raising the PH level in the blood to 8.5 and also by reading the $2million dollar clinical test results over a few years I also put on, then in no way was I intending to offend you.

    I put myself on this yesterday and in September I have another cat scan, so I will put up here if anything has changed with my cancer then. There is a lot of information about this method which as a new cancer patient I was not aware of and so I thought that others too may not be aware of it that is all.

    Best regards


  • I agree Sushel & well said.

    People say "Hundreds of people have been 'cured' by it", but where is the proof !! I could say on line that drinking water gave me the cancer, but without any cast iron proof that is quite meaningless.

    I have a high Ph in my blood - latest test was 9.3 - yet I still contracted Cancer and Cancer reading PSA has more then doubled in a year !!

    The following website is also very interesting:-

  • On balance I have to agree with the doubters here. IF this sort of action can cure prostate cancer, then why haven't the doctors and the medical profession used it rather than giving simple palliative care to those whose cancer has spread beyond cure? At 74 years old, I had my prostate removed in Nov 2015 by Da Vinci operation. My score before was PSA 5, Gleason 8. Now PSA is 0.01. The cancer did not spread outside of the prostate.

    If a fully qualified Oncologist or Urologist could support this 'un-medical' treatment, I might give it more credence.


  • The reason for this is money Terry. The pharmaceuticals will lose lots of money if people start using this simple cheap method to cure their cancer. It is a billions of dollars business.

    There are oncologists on the net who state it works, they have conducted medical trials. All the reading about it is there. I found it by pure chance myself and wondered why no one had told me, I investigated more and started reading and watching videos of people this procedure has cured 100%.

    By raising PH level in the blood, using foods natural in alkaline and by using bicarbonate of soda, it is like giving cancer cyanide, it kills it dead. Anyway I am trying it. If others choose to ignore it then ok, no problem, it is each to their own way of doing what they want. I just put this up because like me I thought others may not know about it, that is all my motive is, nothing more.



  • It would be great if baking soda worked. The issue is the chemistry does not faver it doing anything more than releaving stomach discomfort. In the stomach the hydrochloric acid turns the baking soda into table salt, water and carbon dioxide. In effect, baking soda acts like a buffer for stomach acid, taking care of heartburn and stomach pressure. The only thing thing that could react in an acid/base way is that the newly formed CO2 re-reacts with water to form carbonic acid. However, as soon as it forms it will decompose back into CO2 and water. Carbonic acid is what gives pop it's "fiz". Please refer to my earlier post in this chain for the chemical equations.

    It is not my goal to get into an argument with anyone over this. What I am hoping is that someone can write a chemical equation that shows how baking soda (by itself or heat treated with molasses - also discussed in the earlier post) when swallowed does not rapidly turn into salt, water and CO2. It is true that baking soda will neutralize some of the stomach acid. If this is the mechanism that it fights cancer then we would be better off taking Tums or Rollaids.

    Anyone who wants to try this treatment should go for it. It will not hurt you, and if it works for you, great! Please do not let it be your only treatment option.

  • Hi James,

    Surely the cash strapped NHS would greet this with open arms "if" it worked. Never mind the pharmaceutical companies, when it comes down to the bottom line the NHS will do whatever is cheapest.

    I mentioned this "cure" to my oncologist and he just shook his head and said "There is always someone coming out with some bizarre cure and I blame the internet for all this rubbish".

    He is a professor so I am guessing, rightly or wrongly, that he knows what he is talking about.

    However, "if" it works for you, then I am very happy for you.

  • I would be interested in knowing how this works for you James.

    Thank you.


  • If this really worked, don't you think everybody would be using this as mainstream treatment? This is really dangerous stuff. I encourages men to ignore mainstream treatments and go for quack medicine. Do not be fooled by this, use it as a supplement if you must, but do not forgo the treatment recommended by your oncologist.

  • I believe that not many people know about it Hugh. I myself knew nothing about alkaline being a poison to cancer and acids being food it thrives on. No one told me about this. It was pure chance I found it on the net.

  • If it really worked, everybody would know about it. What this gentleman does not tell you is what mainstream treatment he has been given. He was diagnosed only two years ago.

    For myself, I was diagnosed in 2005, PSA 760 T4 Gleason 9.

    10 years on, I am still going strong and have never indulged quack medicine. The danger here is that men will believe it and stop whatever type of hormone treatment they are on.

    Nothing wrong with this a supplementary treatment, put it should NOT be portrayed as a cure. It is not and it is very dangerous to do so!

  • I understand what you are saying Hugh and as I have written somewhere else in another post, it is up to each individual to either try this method or dismiss it as quack medicine. I am just the messenger, please don't shoot me LOL. ;)

    I have been prescribed Casodex and I start taking my first tablet tonight as told by my oncologist to do. I see no reason why however, I should not also increased my alkaline blood level and decrease acid level. There is no harm in trying this and see where it goes, it either works or it doesn't work and I will honestly tell all others on here if it has worked for me in September when I am due another cat scan then.

    I wish you and all others all the best. No offence is intended.

    Best regards


  • I had the Heidelberg test [1] about 8 years ago. It provides information about stomach acid in a non-invasive way.

    A small device that measures pH & transmits that information is tied to a piece of cotton thread. The device is swallowed, but you hold on to the end of the thread. This prevents the device from leaving the stomach. (Ultimately, one swallows the thread & the device exits the body into the toilet bowl.)

    My pH was 2.0, which is normal.

    I was then given a bicarbonate of soda challenge. Just a glass of water with a quantity of sodium bicarbonate. The pH quickly rose to 7.

    The point of the test is to measure pH recovery time. Within a couple of minutes, the pH had returned to 2.0.

    The process was repeated, & my recovery time was even faster.

    The stomach doesn't was to be alkaline. The first obstacle to making a tumor alkaline, is that any oral treatment will be quickly neutralized.

    During digestion (which is very dependent on hydrochloric acid), the contents of the stomach (which is called chyme) exits through the pyloric valve into the duodenum. The pH is ~2.

    "The duodenum ... produces the hormone secretin to stimulate the pancreatic secretion of large amounts of sodium bicarbonate, which then raises pH of the chyme to 7." [2] Which, of course, is not acidic.

    The second obstacle to affecting tumor pH, is that:

    "The normal blood pH is tightly regulated between 7.35 and 7.45." [3]

    It would be foolish & dangerous to try to increase that number.

    Some who set out to control pH regularly test their urine. For goodness sake, urine is a waste product. The pH can vary, but readings say nothing about blood pH.

    You can induce alkalosis by hyperventilating, which reduces carbon dioxide. Not recommended.





  • The responses to Red Rebel’s original posting have varied considerably from those that regard all non-conventional medical treatment as quackery to those that believe that alternative treatments do have a place in prostate cancer treatment. Before going further I should state my affiliation with PCa and my suitability to comment. I was diagnosed with GS7 in 2012 and had successful proton beam radiation in Seoul, Korea in 2013. I have an older brother with metastatic PCa and a late father that had PCa for the last 20 years of his life. I am tertiary qualified in science and worked in the scientific and medical technology fields for 46 years. I am also the author of the bestseller “An ABC of Prostate Cancer in 2015”. (It has 4 times been an Amazon bestseller in the Urology category). I have researched a replacement book for the above that will be launched next month which will be titled “An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today”. This book has over 500 hours of the latest research into both conventional and alternative PCa treatment within it. I am a regular speaker at support groups and other seniors groups in Sydney, Australia. This has seen me talk to hundreds of sufferers. I include the above only to clarify who I am.

    So who are right in this debate? Probably neither group. Conventional medicine has been substantially hijacked by Big Pharma and most specialists are successful small or medium business men or women. Many have the best of intent, but have not been educated into diet and nutrition or alternative treatments. The parameters that they use to measure success is 5 year overall survival and reduction in tumour size. Whilst the first parameter is great the second fails to address the CAUSE of the cancer. Tumour size reduction is important, but most conventional methods don’t address the cause of the PCa in the first place. The tools available to the oncologist today generally see a 5 year OS being achieved, but what beyond that. Recurrence is a significant issue.

    What about alternative treatments? I have looked at over 200 different treatments. Many of these lead to similar results to conventional medicine. Some get lesser results, but some get better outcomes, particularly those that focus on diet, nutrition and exercise. The body is a massively complex biochemical machine. It reacts to chemical stimulation provided by dietary intake. It has one enormous advantage over conventional PCa treatments and that is it builds up the body’s immune system when it is down versus the further damage to the immune system in cases of radiation and chemo.

    What I would do should my PCa re-occur and become threatening is to adopt an integrative medical approach that combines the best of both the conventional and alternative PCa treatments. Some nutrients dramatically diminish the side effects of chemo by allowing lesser strength doses to be used by the oncologist. Some natural remedies work safely alongside chemo or radiation giving the sufferer a double chance of success.

    So my final word to PCa sufferers is don’t dismiss alternative therapy as quackery. In many cases, it could just save your live. Find a suitably qualified integrative medicine cancer specialist and explore both treatment options. My brother has done this and has made remarkable progress in fighting aggressive metastatic PCa. Finally, read a book by Chris Woollams titled “Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer.”

  • There is nothing wrong with alternative therapy, but it should not be peddled as alternative treatment, as was suggested at the beginning of this thread. If you think it helps you then by all means do it. BUT don't give up on mainstream treatment. It is that which will save your life!

    National Prostate Cancer Helpline 0800 035 5302

  • Hugh

    I have not suggested that men give up on conventional treatment, but I have suggested an integrative approach utilizing the best of both approaches.

    I have seen too many men who are put on palliative care to await a terrible death. Their medical team have been unable to stem their disease and their downward spiral. There are treatments available from integrative medical practitioners that do assist this class of patient.

    By way of example, I have a doctor who lives within a 100 yards of me who is likely to die should the benefits of his immunotherapy wear off or become ineffective versus someone within 300 yards who is off immunotherapy and is now improving his health via alternative therapies based mainly on diet, exercise, detoxing, peace of mind, body oxygenation, etc.

  • Hi Alan

    I refer to this paragraph at the beginning of this thread:-

    "Hi everyone. Yesterday I found this video on the Internet. It is about an American guy who found out quite late that he had prostate cancer and it had spread into his bones, however, he started taking a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and molasses with water and a few weeks later he had another scan and the cancer had disappeared, he had killed it."

    This is dangerous as it is suggesting that this bicarbonate of soda and molasses treatment had cured his cancer, It most certainly did not and it is very wrong to suggest this is so.

    By all means use alternative therapies, I have no objection to them, but do not suggest they should be used instead of conventional treatment. You are playing with mens lives!

  • An excellent post Alan and thanks for this.

    I have a juicer and a blender now and make drinks made up of purely alkaline foods. I use recipes from books by Jason vale named the juice master and my energy levels have certainly increased. I am hoping that along with the 50mg of Casodex plus these juices 3 times a day, will both stop the cancer growing, shrink it and hopefully kill the cancer cells because my PH level will be high. That is the plan anyway. I have an aggressive Gleason 8 (4+4) but it has not spread yet and I have another cat scan in August, but this is a closer look inside the prostate with this scan, to be able to tell how much and where it is exactly. If my diet of raw vegetable and fruit juice has caused a significant shrinkage I will most definitely report back the results.

    Best regards


  • While it would be great if sodium bicarbonate works on cancer I can not get over some basic chemistry that points otherwise. Trust me, if you can make the chemistry make since I would be using it. I need to use it. I have Stage 4D1 ductal prostate cancer. It is very rare and little research has been done on it. Currently they are guessing on the best treatments. Some (not all!) articles state a five year survival rate for ductal prostate cancer of only 23%. I hope that they are they are wrong! In any case it was just one article.

    The chemistry for baking soda in the stomach has been known for over a hundred years. It first reacts with stomach acid to form table salt and carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is very unstable and decomposes to water and carbon dioxide (what makes pop fiz). This is shown below.

    NaHCO3 + HCl ---> NaCl + [H2CO3] --->. H2O + CO2

    People have been taken it for over a hundred years for stomach issues. It neutralizes stomach acid (acts as a buffer) and the carbon dioxide gas formed can help release stomach pressure. (Why you burp when you take it.) So before baking soda leaves your stomach it is turned into table salt, water and carbon dioxide. None of those will help fight cancer. You would have to take quite a lot of baking soda to neutralize all of the stomach acid. It you took that amount I am afraid that there would be gastrointestinal issues that come up.

    This, in fact, this is baking soda biggest role in chemical reaction, acting as a mild pH buffer. It will not react, or bond when mixed with sugar, molasses, etc., at least not at the temperatures found on a stove top. The best that could occur is if a more acidic proton in the sugar exchanges with the sodium ion in baking soda. In this role it will once again act as a buffer with the same inert by products.

    (Molasses)-OH + NaCO3 ---> (Molasses)-O-Na + [H2CO3] --> H2O + CO2

    As soon as the carbonic acid decomposes to water and carbon dioxide. This is especially true if it is on a stove top.

    Once again my goal in writing this post is not to get into an argument with those that believe it works. I wish it did. I just need to understand the chemistry first. Can someone show the chemical reaction that will allow it to work, not just the success stories.

  • I found that video on the Internet DrWho as well as finding out about raising PA level in the blood to 8.5 which cancer cells don't like apparently. I was researching purely for my own case scenario, but thought it might help others too, who, like me have never heard of PA before, after I watched the video. I'm no chemist though and you seem to know chemistry well.

    Best regards


  • No worries about posting the video. The more information we all have the better. Please continue to share with the group any articles, video that would be of note to the group.

    I wish I could believe the baking soda video or the numerous posts you can find on the web, but, as stated, the chemistry just does not work. Yes, a pH of >8 will kill cancer cells, but it will also kill normal cells. I would love it if someone could show the chemical pathway that prevents baking soda (even when pretreated with molasses or syrup) from being transformed into water, table salt and carbon dioxide befor it leaves the stomach. In any case , if taking baking soda with sugar makes you feel better then go for it. However, please do not make it your only treatment.

    I am all for using natural treatments that have some documented scholarly articles backing it A lot of these that "work" are not supported by the drug companies as they can not make money from them. I am using natural remedies like modified Citrus Pectin, complex and curcuminoids. I am staying away from some foods such as diary, farm raised fish (high in D6) eating wild fish (high in D3). The form that you take supplements matter. For example, flax seed has shown to help slow down the growth of prostate cancer but flax oil accretes tumor growth (go figure!). There are a lot of articles on both sides for the use of soy products and calcium (which I need since I am on hormonal treatment). As a result I am staying away from them (try to find salad dressing that does not contain soy oil!).

    Take care!

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