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I have not had a PSA test since the beginning of the year. The nurse who gave me my injection today was surprised at this and said I couldn't have one now for 3 months. It is though, after all her practice that has not suggested a test before starting hormone therapy so just what is happening? My urologist said I will not have tests and one Prostate Cancer UK Nurse said the same whereas their leaflets say I will get frequent tats to see how the hormone therapy is progressing. Answers anyone?

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  • My partner has hormone therapy and usually has a blood test a few days prior to quarterly injection so they can check psa and make sure hormone therapy still effective.

  • I have my zoladex implant every 12 weeks, three or four days before this I book an appointment at the doctors for a PSA blood test, I have been doing this for the last year, going well my PSA was 28 before my Radiotherapy, and now it is less than 0.1 which is great, I have stage T3a cancer, having a Gleason score of 9, have the test just before your injection or implant

  • Thanks. That makes sense. Whether my surgery will do this or not I can't say. If not I will pay for one.

  • I had surgery last April (Stage 4 D1, T3N1Mx), on hormonal therapy and will start radiation soon and get PSA tested every six weeks.

  • I dont get tested very often; just cause for worry.

  • Are you on hormone treatment? If so how are the gauging how and if it is working? Unless you either have a PSA test or a scan how do they tell if the treatment you are on is working?

  • I have prostate cancer I have to have a PSA blood test every 6 months I have a hormone implant every three months and I see a cancer specialist every 6 months my first PSA level was 33 currently below 0.01 I scored 9 on the gleeson scale and out of 12 biopsys taken 10 were cancerous I am now 2 years down the line I am national health but I do not put up with any nonsensene it took them 2 years to detect my cancer and all sorts of tests when what they should have started with was a PSA blood test insist you have your test and do not but up with any bull shit

  • Exactly sushel. I am going to get a PSA test one way or another before I have my next hormone injection. I have already noted it on my calendar giving me plenty of time to argue it out with whoever tries to stop me! Hope you are doing well.


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