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I have not had a PSA test since the beginning of the year. The nurse who gave me my injection today was surprised at this and said I couldn't have one now for 3 months. It is though, after all her practice that has not suggested a test before starting hormone therapy so just what is happening? My urologist said I will not have tests and one Prostate Cancer UK Nurse said the same whereas their leaflets say I will get frequent tats to see how the hormone therapy is progressing. Answers anyone?

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  • My partner has hormone therapy and usually has a blood test a few days prior to quarterly injection so they can check psa and make sure hormone therapy still effective.

  • I have my zoladex implant every 12 weeks, three or four days before this I book an appointment at the doctors for a PSA blood test, I have been doing this for the last year, going well my PSA was 28 before my Radiotherapy, and now it is less than 0.1 which is great, I have stage T3a cancer, having a Gleason score of 9, have the test just before your injection or implant

  • Thanks. That makes sense. Whether my surgery will do this or not I can't say. If not I will pay for one.

  • I had surgery last April (Stage 4 D1, T3N1Mx), on hormonal therapy and will start radiation soon and get PSA tested every six weeks.

  • I dont get tested very often; just cause for worry.

  • Are you on hormone treatment? If so how are the gauging how and if it is working? Unless you either have a PSA test or a scan how do they tell if the treatment you are on is working?

  • I have prostate cancer I have to have a PSA blood test every 6 months I have a hormone implant every three months and I see a cancer specialist every 6 months my first PSA level was 33 currently below 0.01 I scored 9 on the gleeson scale and out of 12 biopsys taken 10 were cancerous I am now 2 years down the line I am national health but I do not put up with any nonsensene it took them 2 years to detect my cancer and all sorts of tests when what they should have started with was a PSA blood test insist you have your test and do not but up with any bull shit

  • I know this was a year ago but just seen it and whole heartedly agree. My condition is exactly the same as yours Sushel, but also have node involvement.

    PSA went down from 47 to currently 0.02 over a year following zoladex implants 12 weekly and 22 sessions of radiotherapy, which is great. At my last review specialist nurse said we do not need to check you again for 6 months. I replied, you have told me that my cancer is advanced and aggressive, do you not think that potentially a lot can happen in 6 months, we agreed on 4 months.

    They do a great job but they have to deal with lots of us and i feel that they tend to generalise. We all have minor differences in condition from what i have seen on this forum and as such we have individual needs.

    You need to take control and challenge their decisions if you have any doubts and insist on what you feel is best for you.

    You would do this if you were a private patient, so why should it be any different as an NHS one.

    If you are totally wrong they will give you considered reasons why, but at least they will have considered your unique conditions, in my view.

    Good luck all and don't be overlooked or generalised.

  • Exactly sushel. I am going to get a PSA test one way or another before I have my next hormone injection. I have already noted it on my calendar giving me plenty of time to argue it out with whoever tries to stop me! Hope you are doing well.


  • Just read your post. After surgery, I had PSA tests within weeks, not months. Is it different after radiotherapy?

  • This was posted before I had the radiotherapy i was just on the hormne therapy prior to having radiotherapy. In the end i dd get a PSA test and a testosterone test before each hormone injection. After the radiotherapy they do not do a PSA test for 4 to 6 months - just prior to your first check up. i am due mine at the end of May having finished my radiotherapy at the end of January. I have been told that the first 3 tests after radiotherapy can be wildcards before the PSA settles down i think I will have PSA tests every couple of months for a year.

  • OK I have had Hormone Injection a lot since 2010 But only when PSA reaching around 10.5 Then Hormone injection followed by PSA Test around 12 weeks Later by then Dropping Down to 0,02, every 6 months PSA Test to monitor any Increases, no Action till PSA Levels rising to around 10.5. I believe this is my Third Implant Injection Since 2010, so good look to the Future digger47

  • Thanks

    All the best


  • I get Eligard and Xgeva shot every 4 months. I get a PSA test about 2 weeks before I see my Oncologist. I also get CBC and differential and Comprehensive metabolic panel test about every 6 months.

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