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I can't believe how easy it is to dismiss prostrate problems our doctor kept just giving my hubby viagra didn't even check him out ... Until I told my husband to go back and demand a check up ! And this had been going on for about two years or more I ca t get my head around it ... Psa test should be automatic not just at an age that's acceptable life's so cruel and rules are x

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  • ED should be a pointer to possible prostate problems at any age. You husband should have been given a PSA test when this first happened. I hope that your doctor now realise this and will not make the same mistake again.

    You are right, life is cruel and it need not be made worse by the minority of incompetent doctors who do not understand what a PSA test is for.

  • I hope he gets the help he needs. We all have to be advocates for our health and the health of our loved ones. God bless.

  • Hi What a complete buffoon. Prostrate problems first course of diagnosis is PSA that is so important. Your doctor is either being totally incompetant or neglecting his responsibilities. I would have a moan about this as its your husband's health that he is dealing with. My experience was the opposite. Immediate PSa test another one to confirm: in hospital another psa test recommended biopsy mri scan of prostrate scan of bones and all the time I was very well informed. There are some good doctors out there. I wish you well and lots of luck. God bless.

  • My cancer diagnosis came as a very big shock. I run marathons, rollerblade, cycle, swim, have great sex with my wife, never had ED, never have problems peeing, no symptoms whatsoever, and yet I have aggressive cancer on both sides of the prostate. It feels surreal as though I am in a nightmare dream and that I will wake up soon. Very important then to get the message out to all men, to be aware and to just go and do a simple blood test and check psa, even if this means paying for it privately. This could save your life, enough said.

  • The same thing happened to my husband, and if I hadn't seen it on tv about prostate cancer my husband would probably be died or dieing x

  • Many years ago when I had my first PSA test - probably in the late 1990's or early 2000's I was abut to go to see a urologist for overactive bladder - problems. the PSA test was featured on "This Morning" before I left the house and my wife told me to ask for it. They were reluctant to give it then so we still need to educate urologists and GP's.

  • I'm off work at moment and I want to look into it get it out there I'm not happy at all with it as you can imagine x

  • We have to educate men to ask for PSA Tests. men over 45/50 should ask to have them at least every year in my opinion. I agree they should be automatic but sadly no. I had to argue with my GP to get a PSA test and then gradually increasing numbers were ignored until at 12.9 my urologist decided I should have a biopsy - if I had had that biopsy a year ago when the number was at 9 or so then maybe I could have had brachytherapy or just hormone treatment but now it is hormone treatment and radiation. Not advised to have a prostatectomy as already have bowel and bladder problems. I am seriously thinking that I am going to pay to have proton beam therapy as that seems to give fewer side effects. Apart from that NHS Wales cancer services are not well linked up and I have no faith in them at the moment.

    Good Luck to you both.

    We will be thinking of you.

  • Bless you thanks we will be thinking of you both too I agree more awareness xx

  • Desanthony Great advice. A friend of my family was 48. He never had a prostate exam because he thought he was too young. He went to the doctor with back pain. He had aggressive prostate cancer. Surgery was not possible. The cancer had spread to his whole body. He suffered for 2 years. He died at age 50.

    This helped me decide to have surgery and not wait.

  • That's awful so sad x

  • I'm just hoping that's not going to be case with us x

  • Get things done in a timely manner.

  • RedRebel Great advice.

  • I think women doctors are often switched on more than men. Last year I went to my male GP with symptoms of ED. He just asked me a few questions and prescribed Levitra. Went to see the doc a few weeks ago and it was female locum. This time it was a DRE and a referral to the urologist. MRI scan two weeks later and a biopsy early next week. I also think its less embarrassing dealing with a female GP.

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