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Morning everyone... We have just had a call to go and see consultant Wednesday at 8/30 ... Dreading it all but I guess have to be positive that's it's start of it and hopefully some good will come of it . Husband is still a demented he isn't having treatment on any scale . I didn't sleep again last night of try to come up with something that would change him mind ... I have no idea such sad times xxx

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  • My thoughts are with the two of you. Please let your husband know that the side effects for many treatments may not be that bad. There is one side effect to focus on - treatment gives you time with your loved ones. I had Da Vinchi surgery this last April when I was just 58 years old (Stage 4 D1, T3N1Mx, rare ductal cancer). I am now on hormonal therapy and will start external radiation soon and yet two months after the operation I am riding 30+ miles on my bike with my wife and we am planning on going SCUBA diving later this year. Treatment gave me time with my wife.

    Wish you good luck!

  • Hello again. I agree with the reply from Dr Who. Your hubby MUST accept treatment, whatever that is. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, hence many of us have experienced it in some form or another, some having more serious cancer than others. BUT we all accepted the treatment offered relevant to how advanced the cancer was. To simply ignore this cancer is wrong for hubby and also very wrong for you. It will not go away on its own. Please keep trying to convince hubby. I really do hope that tomorrow will give him hope and that he accepts the treatment on offer.


  • Yes me too thank you for your reply ... We have spoken again this morning about it no change yet ... I'm guessing it's part of how men think feel but he keeps saying I'd be better without him as his manhood doesn't work :-( so sad I keep telling him I married him

    Because I love him not for sex I know it must be big thing for a man women can switch off or well I can nothing nicer than feeling his arms around me holding me tight bless him x

  • I can only agree with you. My 'manhood' no longer works. BUT that is a small price to pay to get clear (or get some relief at least) of this terrible disease. You are saying the right things and bear in mind that you will be offered advice and help from the 'erectile dis-function' clinic after treatment. I do hope that hubby will start to believe that sex is NOT the most important thing in life.


  • Me too ... To be honest I had hysterectomy last October for cancer so I would sooner have cuddles any wAy ... He means the world to me like two peas in a pod I cNt bear to think about it I just hope they get three to him tomo thanks again xx

  • I am exactly the no manhood. Hard to cope with initially but you get over it with the care and love of your partner. My wife helped me tremendously. I cried I felt useless and I felt I had let her down. Now I thank her for those words your life and your companionship is more important than sex. I have now come terms with it and lead a normal life with 6monthly check ups and a psa staying around o.1. I am grateful I can enjoy dog walks hobbies and seeing my grandson.

    I wish you well and hope all goes well. God bless.

  • I too have lost some 'manhood' functions. I have been given some cialis tablets but have not had the courage to try them yet. The thing is that my last hormone therapy treatment is in a few months and I am very hopeful that a lot of functions will gradually return. So it is not always a permanent thing. When my treatment started I was offered two treatments. One would be very effective but could have sexual side effects. The other far less effective would leave many functions in tact. I have lots of grandkids who I adore and want to see grow up so the choice was a no brainer. After a few years of hormone therapy and 37 radiation treatments I have had only mild side effects but I am alive and very active. My latest PSA was 0.01 and I shall be eternally grateful for the amazing treatment I have had

  • That's great I'm truly happy for you .. Very positive... 👍Best wAy to be x

  • my heart goes with you to this meeting--I only wish that might help!

  • Thank you x

  • juliekeith_lewis I hope your husband finds some help. Life is precious. There are many treatments available to help with ED. Trust in God. God bless.

  • I am so sorry to hear this. Even if the cancer is advanced and curative treatment is not possible, hormone treatment is highly successful and the patient has a very good quality of life.

    If he is worried about erectile disfunction, there are therapies which will help. Please tell him to talk to somebody who has been on it for 10 years. Giving up is NOT an option.

    Feeling as he is, is a very natural reaction to very bad news, but he will come to terms with it and eventually accept the treatment offered. Believe me, life is sweet and he will come to realise this

    Good luck my thoughts are with you

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