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My husband had originally a PSA reading of 15.2 a glee son score of 4 + 3 ( 7 ) that was 6 years ago and with hormone treatment went down to 0.01.recently however it has started to rise and is now 5.9 .I realise this is not a high reading but it is rising. We spoke to our consultant ,who in turn spoke to his Oncology colleagues who advised that wouldn't,t see it as problem unless it doubled in 6 months ( his reading was 3.2 rising to 5.9 in 13 months ) so not what would be considered a problem,. However my husband was given an appointment for a bone scan, which he has had today, He has been in no pain and has lost no weight, but he is very concerned because the technician said at the end of the scan , "I need to do the hips again because the pictures look a bit complicated,"not a very sensible thing to say under the circumstances ,so of course now he is extremely stressed,and I am at a loss as to what to say to my husband to hopefully reassure him ,at least until we get the results, and of course we don,t when that will be.Has anyone in the community had this happen to them ,and have any advise as to how to deal with it. I know we will have to wait for the results but we feel in some ways it would have been better if no comment had been made at all .Sorry to be making a big thing of it , especially as the PSA reading is so low in comparison to so many others,however it is still a concern.

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  • I have not experienced what you have gone through. My bone scan was clear. I had the operation and since then my psa has been o.4 and has not changed. However as nice as that seems in theory I am only in remiission. I was lucky but then I was given loads of information. It did not matter what question I asked they explained to me all the maybe's or possibilities. I was a littke taken aback at first but now I am grateful because I enjoy life and accept my position. You must ask questions abd get reassurance. At least if you are well informed you can deal with it. Don't be fobbed off after all your health is important. I wish your husband all the very best and sincerely hope all the future decisions will have a more positive outcome. God bless. Des.

  • We are all different. On a random check, my PSA was 5. The GP felt a small lump on my prostate and this was confirmed by the specialist. My Gleason was 5+3 (8). CT, MRI and full bone scan were all clear but I opted for the Da Vinci prostate operation which I had on 24 Nov 2015. OK, erectile disfunction and no ejaculate from now on, but it was the best decision in my opinion. PSA at 6 weeks was 0.01. Also the same at 3 months check. I am 75 (74 at the operation). Take the advice of the Consultants.

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