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I'm 67 and on a routine visit to my doctor for something else, he suggested I go for the prostate cancer screening. I did a blood test result of psa was 12.0 and there were unusual cells in one of the three urine samples I did and was recommended to go for a biopsy. Having read about the biopsy procedure though, I decided to have another test a month later. From this test my psa was 14.0 but urine samples were perfect.

There are no other signs of problems with my prostate such as difficulty urinating, erectile dysfunction, all these work fine so today I am going to see a urologist and see if I can do an MRI and other scans first before the invasive biopsy.

Strange thing is that I feel really fit and well


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  • Update. The consultant urologist advised a biopsy through the perineum and is booked for June 13th

  • Good luck with your biopsy. I had 12 samples taken through my rectum. He numbed my prostate with lydocaine. It took about 10 minutes. 2 of the 12 samples had cancer cells. I had surgery to remove my prostate completely. Please keep us posted.

  • Hi Bob.

    I went to see my doctor today and when he looked at the biopsy results, he said he did not think it will have spread and to have a total prostectomy as the cancer is in both sides of the prostate and aggressive cancer too.

    May I ask you how you feel now after your surgery and what if any after effects are you having. I realise not all men are the same, just curious now that it looks like I will be having this too.

    Thanks and regards


  • Jamie, my surgery was November 24, 2015. I was in the hospital for one day. I had to wear a catheter for 4 weeks while everything healed. My catheter was removed December 21, 2015. Then I had incontinence. I also had impotence. I went to my urologist for a follow up appointment on January 21, 2016. He gave me 60 days of Cialis for daily use, 5 mg tablets. He said this is part of Penile Rehabilitation Therapy. It will reestablish blood flow to my penis. It did. I was able to obtain an erection after 5 days using Cialis. I have not had any problems with erections since then. Once the blood flow was reestablished, I did not need to use any more Cialis. I still continued having incontinence. I went back to my urologist after 3 months. My incontinence had improved, but still there. He sent me for physical therapy. I have been to my physical therapy 4 times. I have 2 more sessions. I have improved a lot. She gave me special exercises which I do every day. She said it takes time. it does not happen overnight. My incontinence is very slight now and continues to improve. My final session with my therapist will be late August. I am cancer free.My last PSA was 0.012. very normal. I feel great. If you have any more questions, please ask.

    Good luck with your surgery. Keep me posted. God bless.

  • Thanks Bob, glad to know you had a happy ending to enjoy life into the future. It must be a relief I am sure. I will just have to see what the specialists say. Basically I am in their hands I suppose. Thanks for your reply and good wishes ;)

  • Yes. I am very thankful. My cancer journey has been an interesting one.

  • I think At first, I was in denial and deluding myself into thinking, no, this cannot be happen to me I feel too fit and well, there must me some mistake. LOL. oh dear, anyway I am glad I found out I have it sooner rather than later.

  • My surgery took about 3 hours. My doctor used a robot. I had morphine every 4 hours while in the hospital. When I went home, he gave me Tylenol 3 with codeine.

    I was off work for 2 months.

    Good luck and God bless.

  • Definitely have a biopsy. My father had psa levels of 7,9,12 and he also didnt want to have a biopsy because he thought it was invasive. Normal psa levels are 0-4. Psa level of 12 may be stage 3 or 4 prostate cancer. Truth is, my father finally went to have his biopsy and had NO complications or side effects. His results came positive and has a t3a tumor (3rd stage). If he would've done his biopsy three years before when his psa levels were at 4-7 etc, the tumor wouldve not gone out of the prostate gland. He just had surgery done to remove the prostate gland with the DaVinci method. He is still reccuperating. If we wouldve had his tumor removed earlier, chances of his cancer coming back were much less. Now we are just hoping for it not to come back. Lesson is, dont play with your health. Finding a tumor earlier not only improves your quality of life but saves your actual life!

  • PSA of 12 then 14 is high. Good to know that you are now going to see the Urologist. I had a blood test back in July 2015 (I had absolutely no problems at all at the time, but my wife suggested I get tested). PSA of 5, rectum examination by the GP indicated a small lump on the prostate. This was confirmed by the specialist. I had an MRI scan that indicated no spread. Biopsy, through my bottom, was then done with 12 samples. No pain or bother at all. My Gleason score was 5+3 (8) which is fairly high. I then had a CT scan and bone scan (the Urologists were very thorough). Although I was 74 at the time (now 75) the Urologist offered a prostatectomy by the Da Vinci robot controlled keyhole surgery. I looked at other options but the thought of lengthy radiotherapy or drug treatment did not appeal. I had the prostate removed on 24th Nov 2015 at Kent & Canterbury hospital, I was speaking to the anaesthetist one moment, and the next moment I was in the ward. I had no pain at all. The prostate came out 'in one piece', with no leakage. I went home the next day. I had a catheter in for 8 days only. Wore pads for around 6 weeks only. Six week check showed psa of 0.01 (un-recordable) my 3 month check in April showed again psa of 0.01. No further hospital appointments just a blood test in August when the result will be phoned to me. YES I have erectile dis-function, and YES there is no ejaculate. I am trying with a 'pump', and will see how that goes. BUT this is a small price to pay to ensure that the problem is resolved. My prognosis is very good. I am lucky.

    ALL men are different when it comes to prostate cancer treatment. Whatever you decide is up to you. BUT it is essential that you go ahead with the biopsy (a simple job) and then listen to the advice of the Urologist.

    I wish you the best and a speedy resolution.


  • How are you Terry, still all ok?

  • Hi telboy

    Thanks for explaining your prostatectomy. It is helpful to know. I am 67, married and did want to understand the sexual after effects. My doctor has told me this morning that after some time, the erections return, but that there is no ejaculate. I suppose there will be no orgasm also from this, but didn't ask this question. To me, it is a small price to have to lose, in order to save my life, a no brainier really. I hope you are well now and fully recovered, if so, how long did it take to fully recover?

    Thanks and best regards


  • Your Dr is correct. BUT don't guarantee that erections will return. It all depends on the treatment. Certainly with a prostatectomy, like I had, there are no erections or orgasms even with Viagra. There are aids however to help. You are correct, there is no ejaculate. There are 'feelings' but that is all. It depends how you and then wife view the whole matter. As for me now; I am pleased that I opted for the radical prostatectomy by Da Vinci. My latest PSA is 0.01 so I am pleased at that. Do take the prostatectomy option if offered as it clears the whole gland out. BUT we are all different and I can only suggest that you follow what the Urologist advises. It also depends on how important full sex is to you and your wife. The 'manhood problems' are a small price to pay for knowing that all is clear.

  • Thanks Telboy. I agree with you on that score. ;)

  • Thanks for all your replies I am grateful to you all for sharing your experiences. I am having a perineum biopsy I've been told and that it takes about 15 minutes to take samples. The urologist told me that it is just very slight discomfort and later when done and back home, that there will be blood in pee, in ejaculate and from the back passage for about a week and to drink lots of water to flush it all out. Results then take a week. I have to say that Italian doctors are very thorough and professional. I do believe I am in good hands.

  • Hi people

    Well I had the biopsy on the 13th June and today received a telephone call from the hospital to say I have an appointment with a consultant this coming Friday 7th July. I went to the hospital to pick up my results and they are as follows:

    1st core sample Gleason score 8 (4+4) grade group 4

    All the other 13 samples are 7(3+4) grade group 2

    I don't understand all the other medical terminology, but having checked these scores on the Internet, it seems to be a bad result and that I have possibly an aggressive one. Has anyone else had these scores or similar and gone through treatment and of course how you are getting on with things.

    Thanks and best regards


  • Hi Jamie my husband is just going threw similar as you try stay positive. We go tomo To find out what's what xx

  • Thanks Julie. Strangely enough I am very calm about it all. It is my wife who is breaking up about it. I really wish she didn't know anything about this.

    I hope your husband's results will be better than mine. I am the eternal optimist though and just get on with it, whatever I am told to do to get rid of this, if of course I can get rid of it.

    I will post after this Friday to say what the specialist wife has a friend who is a consultant in this discipline, so I will get two trains of thought and advice on the way forward.

    Thanks for your message.

    Jamie xxx

  • Yes i think my husband would say same about me ... It's tuff time lets all hope for good news and at least some help along this journey xxx

  • Hi Jamie,

    Ultimately, the PSA and Gleason scores are a guide, but at the stage you are in, the next big question is whether the cancer is still contained within the prostate or if it has spread outside to nearby lymph nodes or the bladder neck etc. You'll find that out based on a series of scans (bone, CT and MRI). If it's still in the prostate, your prognosis is good. With surgery, you would have a chance of being "cured". So that's your first decision point. If you have an aggressive cancer, but it's contained, I would definitely have surgery, damn the side effects. For me, I also have aggressive type, but it was in 7 local lymph nodes and the bladder neck. So mine cannot be "cured", only treated. That's another topic for another time.

  • Thanks Crees so Sorry to hear it has spread. I will just have to hope mine hasn't. Will report back for you and all other guys when I know more.

    Thanks friend ;)

  • Some further important news I have just found out about, it could be important for all guys going for a prostatectomy to know about.

    Although English I live in Italy and have just discovered by research, that there is a professor here who has perfected a completely new surgical method and has been accredited with devising this new method.

    His name is Professor Aldo Bocciardi and he works in a hospital here in Milan, my doctor told me about him and said that he is renowned around the world for this specialism, he goes on TV here a lot talking about health issues etc, so, I have booked a private consultation with him for next Wednesday and hopefully plan with him the best way forward.

    He uses the keyhole laparoscopic da Vinci robot technique, but enters through the perineum to remove the prostate from the rear of it. Apparently this prevents potential nerve damage, lessens the chance of incontinence and erectile dysfunction, presents excessive blood loss and is supposed to be less traumatic, allowing men to return to work and relative normality in a couple of weeks.

    If you are a man living in another country like the UK for example, which does not have that many hospitals using the da Vinci robotic method, it may well be beneficial to come over here and go privately. This meeting is costing me €350 euros, but he'll what is money when your health is at risk?

    I will let everyone know what I find out after meeting with him next Wednesday. I also meet with another specialist tomorrow Friday.

    Hang in there guys.

    Jamie ;)

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