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I am a 75 years old. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a biopsy was done on March, 31. My Gleason score was 3+3 and 4+3. My urologist sent pathology samples to Polaris for analysis. I am scheduled for a prostate MRI on May 18.  I will not see my urologist until June 2 . The waiting time is very stressful and anxiety. Why so long to get test results?? Seems to me I chose the wrong Urology center for treatment. Any comments on my Gleason score or my PSA..At diagnosis BTW. PSA last year was 4.25 then it went to 5.88. I

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  • Hi as you say this is a very stressful time, but I don't think your Gleason score is high enough to concern your urologist that the cancer has moved out side your prostat. And rember if you're not confident with your team you can look at other hospitals and ask them to refer you to one that has a better reputation. And whilst your waiting keep busy buy doing your home work on the results of others hospital. I did and am now happy with team Thats looking after me So try not to get stressed. Good luck.

  • Rob, Thank you for vote of confidence.  My family is telling me the same thing. Being patient,and waiting is something I have a problem with.  Not knowing the unknown just adds to the anxiety.  If the cancer is still within the prostate, what treatment ,in your opinion will be offered to me? Do you know about the Prolaris score? I am thinking what I know about it, will be a determining factor on the treatment. Thanks again for the reply.

  • hi I was diagnosed back in oct 2015 psa of 8 I had 2 sets of biopsys 14 good 2 suspect gleason score 6 3+3 t2, went on active surveylance went back after 3 months psa score 1.8 baffled urologist as it was now low, had dre all felt good,had a urine flow test, no results yet, I have an MRI scan booked for 27 may then back to see urologist 27 june, I am taking finesteride for my enlarged prostate been on them for 7 months my urine flow has improved, what you have to do mate is just get on with your life no point in worrying your self, I am sure that if anything was  wrong you would be the first to know, just one more thing I have my urology appointment cancelled twice, whitch is a bummer but hay ho that's life, I am sure you will be fine, it just takes a while for the news to sink in, you take care stop panicking mate

  • Thanks, 040951,   I truly appreciate these reply's! That is amazing your PSA went down like it did. I am taking Tamsulosin for better urinary control. I am also taking a supplement (IP-6 & Inositol ) - Cell Forte that is supposed to boost your immune system. After reading your dates of appointments, mine are not so bad. I have a MRI scheduled for the prostate May 18, and my pathology remains from my biopsy was sent to Prolaris for analysis, which will determine aggressive - non digressive cancer. I have an appointment June 2, which then, I will find out results of both tests and then determine treatment.  Thanks for the advice!

  • Yes mate I am on tamsulosin but not working very good so am on finesteride at the same time finesteride shrinks the prostate but changes the psa readings it doubles the score but as long as the urologist knows I am on it its fine you just think positive don't panic you will be fine mate take care

  • Thanks!  I will take the advice.

  • I think you will find Finasteride lowers the PSA result rather than raises it. Therefore most urologists double the post PSA result to produce a result ' equivalent ' to that which would have occurred had you never taken Finasteride.

  • I have been on Active Surveillance since diagnosis in December of 2006. My PSA in February 2016 is 0.9

  • Like you, I am 75 (and one month). PSA was 5 last July. Gleason was 8 (5+3). MRI, CT and full bone scan were all negative. T2;N0;M0. No leakage or spread from the prostate. Opted for Da Vinci keyhole prostate surgery and had that on 24 Nov 2015. No pain at all during that 3 hour op, no pain afterwards. Just an overnight stay in hospital. Had catheter on for 8 days. Then removed. Wore pads for around a month or six weeks. PSA in Dec was 0.1 and again a week ago was 0.1 (un-recordable). No more hospital appointments now. Simply a PSA blood test every 3 months then 6 months. Then a telephone call from hospital to give result by phone. GREAT.

    SO do not worry. Your PSA and Gleason were a little less than mine

  • Telboy15, I must say.... I am surprised you had the prostate removed. I was told by my Urologist that I was NOT a candidate, (because of my age) and my Gleason scores. Glad you are doing great! My treatment wont be determined until June 2. This is after my MRI of the prostate is done and the score of the Prolaris. The Prolaris score will determine Non aggressive cancer OR Aggressive...... BTY- your psa was 5 mine was 5.83.

     Each reply I learn more and I thank you guys for that!

  • Roger. Just shows that we are all different and have different advice and treatment. I support other comments in that simply follow advice and don't worry unduly. Downside of prostate removal of course is Erectile dis-function and no ejaculate BUT a small price to pay at my age.

  • Telboy,  so true, different advice. It is great you are on the road of recovery of this dreadful disease.

  • Hi Roger you asked about treatment and of course everyone must make up there own minds, me personally am going for a treatment called 4D brachytherapy. After doing my research I decide I'm sure it's for me, and was excepted by The Royal Surry Hospital, under the guidance of professor Stephen Langley. Look him up and see what you think. At least you will be doing something positive. I'm having it done on the 18 th  May keep your fingers crossed for me, 

  • Rob23, I hope all goes well with your treatment. I have had lots of discussion with the brachythearpy  in another forum, lots of positive things have been said from those who chose this treatment. However, I am going to wait on my test results from the MRI and Prolaris score before I determine my treatment.

  • Thanks and good luck on whatever treatment you decide on.

  • hi you should be ok mine was t3 score 9 5+4 psa 48 i had brachytherapy then Radiotherapy now Hormone therapy and just been told my psa has gone up again so guess its more hormones for me , i was 54 when i got cancer im now 58 and its still fighting me it just wont go away and die and now i will keep going thats all you can do but the little bugger wont beat me 

  • You are not that bad. A 4 or 5 psa is ok on older men. It usually goes up a little with the years but your values are still considered normal. Active surveillance is the best you can do.

  • Has anyone suggested the possibility of Active Surveillance? I have Gleason 6 PcA and have been on Active Objectified Surveillance since diagnosis in December of 2006 @59 years of age. Many resources including "Prostate Cancer Support Group" on Facebook!

  • I have elected to go on active surveillance. My MRI showed cancer still within prostate. I had my pathology remains from my biopsy sent to PROLARIS and the results came back that my PCA was in the non aggressive range. I am 75 years old and the PROLARIS report also gave a 10 year mortality rate of 3%. My Urologist thinks my decision was a good one. Comments on my decision welcomed.

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