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just checking in as promised...

 quick review, 

 I'm 56, diagnosed in Feb.2016...T1,M0,N0,7 (3+4),psa 5.9,stage 2.

Elected to go with the open surgery...for me it was a matter of confidence in the surgeon...they doctor that does the robotic has less than 20 procedures under his belt, the surgeon that did my "open", has done over 700 in the last 25, I'm just an "old school " kinda guy that prefers the "hand crafted" approach...but that's just me, not knocking the robotic, or anyones choice in their own treatment, this is just about my personal experience...

so, I had the surgery on April 11th, went home on the 13th, buuuut, had to go back on the 15th due to pneumonia....fella's, when you have surgery, you gotta get up, walk around, and breath deep, even if it makes you a matter of fact, I'm told now, that coughing (as long as it's not excessive), is actually a good thing, not bad. Unfortunately, younger nurses and aids have become so dependent on the internet for information, they've forgotten the art of conversation, and don'y verbally communicate very well, assuming we know what they know...and omit what they deem as 

little details, when giving care instructions....I bet I had 5 different nurses tell me 5 different ways to use the breathing device I got for the pneumonia...even with care and maintenance for my Foley catheter, that I have to wear for 2 weeks..evryone had a different opinion on how to do it..... in the end, I'm going with what ever my surgeon tells me to do , he hasn't been wrong yet....

 I actually got pathology reports back rather quickly, and am both proud, and relieved to share with you all, that even @ 30% cancerous, my margins and lymph nodes are clear, and the surgeon is confident, we got it in time, and got it all, but....we still need to wait for blood work to verify PSA levels are were they should be, and then monitor....  

 SO I feel as though I am a "success" story , at least for the early detection school of thought, and will continue to advocate amongst my circle of friends and beyond , for the importance of early screening, for me, at least in this moment, it has payed off.

When I first came to this group, I was (sadly) welcomed into this brotherhood of men with Prostate, I hope I have joined yet another brotherhood of Prostate Cancer survivors....

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You and I feel the same. The earlier the better and then enjoy life

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I am 75, somewhat older than you and most Prostate sufferers. Random PSA check of 5 in August 2015. Clear MRI, CT and full body bone scans. Gleason of 8 (5+3). T2, M0, N0. Opted for Da Vinci keyhole surgery. Had that on 24th Nov 2015. No pain at all and a very 'pleasant' operation. The prostate came out 'in one'. No leakage. Catheter removed a month later. Wore TENA pads for a month or 6 weeks. Now completely dry. Urology report was; 'excellent prognosis with a probably 10 year risk of PSA recurrence of only 12%'. Sounds good to me. 

PSA test 5th Jan showed count as 'un-recordable'. Had 3 monthly check yesterday 19 April. PSA still un-recordable. Now no more hospital appointments. Simple PSA blood test next August with telephone report of count, then every 3 months for a while moving to every 6 months.

SO. I am happy at how things went throughout. Keep at it. We are all different.

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Re-read my comments above. OOPS, a simple error. My catheter was removed after just 8 days, not a month as I said above. Wasn't thinking straight!


I hope you have, too, dtr1960!


Thanks for sharing. I hope you continue to make progress. I am also a cancer survivor.


So pleased for you. My self I have opted for 4D Brachytherapy and I will be having on the 18th May, keep your fingers crossed for me please. 


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