Urinary Incontinence after Prostate Cancer Surgery

I had prostate cancer surgery on November 24, 2015. I wore a catheter for 4 weeks. The catheter was removed December 21, 2015. Then the incontinence began. I am doing better now. I do Kegel exercises.

My question is how long does incontinence usually last? I only use one or two pads per day. It has only been 3 months.

I use Depends Men's underwear with a Guard inside with adhesive. I can change the Guard if it gets wet instead of the underwear.

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  • Some people are effectively dry just about from the moment the catheter is removed, and some people at the other extreme have an incontinence problem that is never finished. I was told one can keep making "progress" up to a year and a half out of surgery (at which point I gave up and had sling surgery, somewhat successful--a hell of an improvement anyway, because I was worse off than you are). So if you're only three months out, don't give up yet!

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  • It's different for everyone. I used pads only for six months. Starting after surgery with maybe 6-10 per day then slowly getting down to only one a day. Three years after surgery I had a recurrence so I had IMRT radiation. That and a penile implant surgery left me leaking again. Only one pad a day usually. If I'm tired, or have a couple beers ur leaks worse. Bending over, sneezing, lifting will cause a small squirt also. Just be patient. I use Tena male guard pads with tight bikini underwear. They hold the pad tight so no leaks on your pants. I like the arena pads because they are triangle shape. They are very comfortable and don't feel like a pillow between your legs. You'll be fine. It just takes time. Good luck. Randy. 

  • "Arena pads?"   What brand? 


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  • The pads I've been using are "Tena" brand male guards. They have them at cvs. 

  • Was wondering throughout your trouble did you ever have any rectal discomfort or problems

  • No rectal problems.

  • Like you, I had Da Vinci surgery on 24th Nov 2015. Catheter removed 4 weeks later. 6 week check on 4th Jan 2016. PSA unrecordable! 3 month check due on 19th April.

    I used Tena pads , medium at fist then small. Pretty dry after 2 months and now really dry. No pads at all. Yes, there can be short spurts from time to time if coughing, etc.

    My prognosis is 'excellent with a probability 10 year risk of PSA recurrence of only 12%'. I'm not totally sure what that means, but it sounds OK.

    Now waiting for the 3 month results. Will keep you advised.

  • That is great news. I will have my first PSA test on April 14. I will find out the results on April 21 when I visit my urologist. I will keep you posted. My incontinence is improving. I just have short spurts here and there. I make sure I don't wait too long between trips to the bathroom.

  • Mine lasted about 8 months! And after that I carried a Depends Guard in my pocket for about 1 month. It has been 12 years and 3 months and I am very good now! Keep doing the kergel exercises and it will improve. Good luck.

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