Another Prostate Cancer Survivor

Had robotic surgery to remove my prostate in June 2015 at age 68.  PSAs have been 0.00 since.  I'm a blessed guy.

The first few months after surgery were something else but I've returned to pretty much the life I had before the 2 year roller coaster began.  I think activity and athletic pursuits speed recovery.

I'm here for support and to help others getting ready or recovering from surgery.

3 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing. I had surgery November 24, 2015.

  • I had exactly the same operation and my PSA has remained on 0.1. This was done October 2014. Everything is fine except my manhood has experienced a setback. They are looking into it now and suspect the nerve may be partially damaged which can happen. I find it upsetting but I am thankful I am clear of the disease for now which I would rather it be than die from it like my father did. Keeping healthy with loads of exercise and a good diet has helped me to lead a fairly normal life and enjoy my hobbies and the odd holiday. I am 71 now and I will say to all you guys out there who have been diagnosed. Make sure they tell you everything the options the procedures the side effects and the aftercare. My consultant made sure I understood everything before I went ahead and I was grateful for that.

  • Desbodd, I hope you find some help. Keep us posted. There are many options available.

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