Tackle Prostate Cancer

JP South Norfolk

I am gradually changing from being one of the worried unwell to a well informed worried man with prostrate cancer.

I would recommend men to contact prostate cancer uk ( prostatecanceruk.org ) for fact sheets that spell out information of treatments and support for the worried man.

Also ask for a referral to the local continence nurse to get produces to help peeing problems ❗

j Pitts.

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Tackle Prostater Cancer also have a wealth of information on their website. tackleprostate.org. Tackle also run a free help line manned by highly experienced patients on 0800 035 3502


Here here my husband was going to the doctors for nearly a year and they kept sending him away it wasn't till I saw his symptoms on TV and told him to go back and ask for a PSA test, they then found he'd got a fast growing prostate cancer he's had it removed and had radiotherapy and now on his way to recovery , but it could have been a very different situation, so I agree with everything you said , get the knowledge and be aware x


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