Slightly confused

Hi All,I have been on this forum before,so I'll try to keep it brief.My hubby is now starting his treatment which is hormone therapy,and radiotherapy.

He seen his radiotherapist yesterday who went through it all with him ,but left us slightly confused.firstly he was told to change his diet so his bowels were not full,and gave him some Movicol but he don't know if he has to take this every night,for two weeks before treatment.

Also the last time I was on here I spoke to a radiotherapist but I can't find her now.

If your reading this will you get in touch with me please,as we said we would talk more when my hubby started his treatment.

Any suggestions to make it all a little easier for him would be extremely appreciated

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I do remember that when my husband was having treatment he was told that if he became constipated he had to tell the radiotherpist as a full bowel gave them a problem. As it was the radiotherapy kept my husband loose or very loose.

If you go to your own page and look at your posts you may be able to find the radiotherapist that you previously had correspondence with and then you can contact them direct.


Thank you butterfly,I do believe she spoke to me privately and I can't remember how to get private messages up.


Hopefully this will work - but I am not sure

Go to the green bar at the top. On the drop down arrow by your name Gemini71 click on the drop down arrow and you will see messages. Click on that and with a bit of luck that should be it.

best wishes


No Butterfly it don't work. But I was just reading one of your earlier posts,and you said your hubby was due to see his Oncologist July. Has he seen him yet and how's he doing?


See him ejd July. He's doing okay thank you.


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