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Hi my dad recently had a blood test for prostate cancer just as a routine test due to his age. The Gleason score came back as 10. He was referred to the hospital where they carried out various other tests they were pleased with his urinary output etc but said his prostate did feel a little firm. He had another blood test and the results lowered a little to 9.5 Gleason score. He has now been refferee for a biopsy. He has no symptoms at all other then pain but this is due to his rheumatoid arthritis that he has suffered with for several years. I'm feeling worried:-/

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  • Sorry it wasn't the Gleason score it was the psa levels that were 10

  • Hi ,My husband has just had a biopsy which is what gives you the Gleeson score.

    The problem being with a biopsy you can get an infection even though they give you antibiotics before they do it.

    My husband got the infection and to be honest with you he's been really poorly,he's had a week in hospital and now he feels really weak and lethargic. His Gleeson score was 7 and we found out he has Prostate cancer. At the moment we've been given opptions to think about,but at the moment he feels to weak to care.

    I must say after talking with different people the outlook seems pretty positive.

    Don't despare just talk with people on these forums,GPs,Nurses anyone you can get information off. How old is your Dad? Take care. Norma

  • My dad is 57 there is no history of prostate cancer in our family and like I say he has no symptoms at all. Just find it paculiar that the psa levels have lowered a small amount.

  • PSA analysis has become much more accurate in recent years, but there are many factors that might affect the result to within plus or minus 10%. A change from 10 to 9.5 is not statistically significant. (I used to run a hospital biochemistry laboratory measuring serum PSA levels.)

  • Sorry to hear this Norma. I had no problems when I had my biopsies, but I know someone who became infected for a couple of weeks and felt awful. He's now fully recovered!

    It's always a risk with such a procedure. Good luck!

  • Sorry I'm a bit late with this Bob,but Thank You.

  • With my husband, his initial problem was he could not pee,the GP done a urine and blood test, and he gave him tablets because his Prostate had swollen the tablets were to reduce it. He then wanted another blood test a month later,which was higher so he refered him to a specialist,who then examined him and recommended a biopsy.

    The rest is what I put in my previous post.

    57yrs old isn't that old so it just may be a precaution, don't worry too much just take each step at a time.

  • Hi Norma,

    First of all lets not worry too soon about this.

    I am not in the medical profession but have had Prostate cancer years ago and am now 76 and still going. The information I have is from asking all the questions to my oncologist.

    A score of psa 10 does not always mean cancer it could be other things so let’s wait for the biopsy it might just be an infection.

    My PSA was 25 and it can be much higher.

    Then we will have a gleason score which is how aggressive it is 10 being very high.

    Mine was 7 which was aggressive enough to require treatment.

    Then I had a bone scan to make sure it had not spread to my bones, it had not.

    There were choices given to me regards the treatment, they recommended radiotherapy which I took.

    The first treatment I had was Zoladex hormone treatment. (Injection once every 3 months)Which I believe is a female hormone to drop the testosterone levels as the cancer grows with testosterone. The psa started to drop with that and was down to about 10 when the radiotherapy started.

    After the radiotherapy I continued on the Zoladex for several years before stopping all treatment and was just monitored by PSA which was now at 0.01 checks every 6 months.

    Some years later my psa started to rise and nothing was done until it got to 12 then I was put on the Zoladex again which is where I am now. It is down to 0.1 and still dropping. Once it levels out and stays for a couple of months will stop again all treatment until it starts to rise again. Should it turn out your dad has it, will take a bit of time to treat with some side effects especially the Zoladex. (Hot flushes and a desire to do lots of dusting ironing etc) It does go away when you stop much to the annoyance of my wife.

    Take care Norma just give him a bit of support if he gets grumpy.


  • Thank you all for your reply.

    My dad had his mri yesterday and is due to have biopsy a week on Friday. I think he was a little concerned in regards to why they did the mri first

  • It's desirable to have the MRI first s the biopsy can interfere with the quality of the scan. If anything is found in the MRI they can then make sure that the biopsy is taken from the correct area. Try not to worry too much as this investigation is very common and you dad is receiving good care.

  • I was offered a biopsy cos my psa was 3.04..... I intend to wait and see, a perfectly acceptable alternative

  • Hi Thunfishsskd

    I see this was posted 8 days ago and that you have now had some replies so if a little late I hope this bit of information will help you to have a better picture of how the process works.

    My husband is only recently the other side of his treatment and we have a positive outlook. My husband is 70 years of age this year.

    The process does seem to be a bit slow but normally it appears that prostate cancer is a slow grower. The hospitals work through the process of seeing Urology specialist, then there is a biopsy (fortunately my husband had no side effects), then you have to decided what form of treatment is going to be best - for each individual it will be similar treatments but tailored to the needs of that patient. He may be put on hormone treatment which will slow the growth of the cancer or he maybe offered radiotherapy together with hormone therapy. (My husband had a Gleeson score of 7 so has hormone injections every three months, within six months of original diagnosis from the GP he had 37 treatments of radiotherapy and will have hormone injections for the next 2-3 years. We have been discharged from Oncology and will see the Urology Department in July. On that return visit to Urology my husband will have been on hormone treatment for nearly one year.) If after the biopsy prostate cancer is proven then the outcome from this cancer is very good.

    I hope this has helped and with input from others I am sure you will by now be feeling less worried.

    best wishes

  • For a 57 year-old, a PSA of 10 or 9.5 is high. However, the fact that he's symptom-free is probably good news, even if your dad is diagnosed with cancer. This is because it's likely the cancer has been caught early, before having a chance to spread.

    I had a routine PSA of 15 when aged 54. I had 3 positive biopsies and a Gleason score of 6, confirming early-stage cancer. A few months later an LRP (prostatectomy) removed the cancer, and 2 years later I'm still cancer-free. Good luck Thunfischsskd!

  • Hi there. My husband, aged 62, who had hardly any symptoms, and only went to GP because his brother was saying about their dad having prostate cancer, was discovered to have a grossly enlarged prostate and a PSA level of 208!!! After MRI scan, biopsy (with no infection issues luckily) and PET scan he was given a gleason score of 9 (4+5). PET scan showed no metasteses to the bone but it was so enlarged was tracking down to rectum, so surgery was not an option. He is being treated at Royal Marsden and his treatment plan is as some of the other replies. Hormone therapy injections at monthly intervals for 3 years, but after 9 months, to start 7 weeks of radiotherapy. The treatment outcomes are very good and we are feeling very positive. It's scary stuff to deal with but I'm sure your dad will be fine and it sounds like he's on the right path. Wishing him and all your family best wishes in dealing with it.

  • Hi All thank you for your comments. He has the Mri scan which did show some abnormalities and has had the biopsy today. He will get the results next Thursday. Let's hope the odds are on his side :-) x

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