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Hi All,Some of you may have read lately,my husband has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer,with I think you call it a Gleeson count of 7.

My question being does anyone think that 1MONTH is to long before we see the specialists .

He told us to go home soak it up then return in 1MONTH,after he has discussed his case with other colleges.

I'm just a bit worried that a month seems a long time and what's there to discuss.

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  • It seems to be the " norm " about a month, and on the plus side if they felt it was aggresive I,m sure they would have made a suggestion sooner as to which option to take, I can understand your concerns , on a good day everything can seem OK and plausable but on another day panic sets in and our mind can do a dozen things at once, I can,t advise on the time lapse because it seems the wheels are in motion , however what I would say, if you are not happy about anything give the McMillan nurse a ring ( I assume they gave you a phone number to ring if you had any concerns ) and they will at least explain the reason for the wait.

  • Hi Jackrussel,sorry it's took me so long to reply,but I've been quite busy.When my husband had the biopsy he had an infection as ive found out called Sepsis,which he had intravenous antibiotics for,also a caffiter,that's been about 5-6 days since he finished the antibiotics.

    But my problem with him now is he's got no energy,sleeps a lot,don't really want to talk to anybody,and yet he's eating well.

    And no we were not given a number for the Macmillan nurses,and our GP is useless. Norma,

  • I/WE would think the reason your husband doesn,t want to speak to anyone at the moment , is that quite possibly he is feeling depressed about it all ,it can be quite a shock to be told you have cancer and then to get an infection would only add to the worry. however I am sure it is quite normal to react in this way , more so for some than for others. It will possibly get better for him once some sort of action is being taken. My husband and I do talk about it ,not often , but whenever he feels he needs to , but it maybe your husbands way , not to talk about it, as at the moment that is the only way he can handle it. Having no energy and sleeping a lot could be the result of the infection.

    If I were you I would contact the hospital dept (there is usually a nurse that can help ) that saw your husband and ask if there is a Mcmillan telephone number available, which is connected to the dept , that you could ring for support / info, and also if there is a booklet available that you are able to read thro.

  • Hi,You are possibly right. My husband is not used to feeling unwell,as all his life he has been healthy. I do think he's the type of man that feels sorry for himself at times,but really due to him very rarely feeling unwell.( unlike me). But having said that we both thought that once he had the antibiotics he would feel well again (a bit like antibiotic for chest infection).

    As for finding out he had Prostate Cancer I think it hit him a bit to begin with but as long as he feels well he wouldn't dwell on it,he has quite a positive attitude towards recovery for that.

    Being as its bank holiday we just spoke to a nurse on 111 and she says it's quite normal to feel the way he does,as the blood infection takes a lot of getting over.

    Come Tuesday I'll take him to see our GP.

    Thank you for your reply it's just he's been through such a lot lately that I don't know when he's feeling sorry for himself or there's something wrong. It's very rare to see my husband cry,so I do think a part of it is depprestion.

  • Your surgery will be happy to change your GP if you think he/she is "useless". And the GP won't take it personally! Or you can move to another surgery.

    It's very important to have confidence in your GP. :)

  • Hi Bob,sorry it's took so long to reply,but a lot has happened since my last post.Yesterday he was so low and tearful I rang the Macmillan nurses,after he had a chat with them he wasn't to bad she said to see his GP today. So today we went and seen the best one we've got who has actually been dealing with this.

    Well the biopsy caused him Septseimia and the GP said today that can take a long time to get over up to two months,he said he is not depressed it's just his body that's really low.

    I think now he will be able to handle that now he knows what's wrong. This is a man who's never been ill in his life so I think that's why he feels it's hard to deal with. He's used to me being ill and him looking after me. But we'll get there eventually.

    He's now started the hormone treatment and then he'll have radiotherapy so he's got a long way to go yet. As for changeing our GP there all full in our area,but I keep asking.

    You take care.

  • Hello. One month is quite normal. Have you been given any choices of treatment? There are several options which you should have been informed of.

  • Hi HughVG, sorry it's took so long to answer your post but I've been really busy.

    He has been given opptions like an Opperation,Radiotherapy,hormone treatment,but we were told to just go home and soak it up for a month,while he (specialist) has a meeting with other Medics then we can discuss the opptions then.

    But right now I'm more worried about the way my husband is feeling at the moment after Haveing the biopsy and getting the infection Sepsis.

    If you read the post above to Jackrussel you will see what my problem is with him.

    Anyway thank you for your reply. Sorry to rant on so much. Norma

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