Well, I've had my op!

Back at home now after the prostatectomy. Adapting to life with a catheter for wee while. (Sorry - awful pun!) And adapting to a routine of poodling around gently for a bit. (Not my style really - but needs must).

Still things 'on the agenda' for the near future - removal of the surgical staples; X-ray of the stent in the urethra; removal of the catheter; dealing with urinary incontinence with pads; and of course most importantly - finding out the pathological report on the removed prostate.

Did all the cancer go with the prostate? Is there any left at the site? Will I need further treatment(s), e.g. radiotherapy?

All of these issues and questions are bridges I'll just have to cross as I come to them, so I'm not fretting about them.

But it IS so good to be home. And it IS so good to be the 'other side' of the operation.

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  • Hi returner

    Glad the op is over and I really hope that you are soon back to normal and that the removal has been 100% successful.


  • HI Bubnjay,

    Thanks for that.

    Well the catheter was removed last Thursday. I must state that it wasn't nearly as unpleasant a process as I feared it might have been.

    So, I'm now re-learning toilet training really. Living with urinary incontinence and pads isn't that great a bundle of laughs but I am starting to get the hang of it and getting better control of it all.

    Started, kind of doing an impersonation of certain Belgian tourist attraction! Whilst it's still 'way to go', I am improving.

    Should get the results in another two or three weeks time. Whatever it is, I guess I'll just have to find a way of living with it.

  • Long may the improvement continue. Hope when you get your results that it will all be worth it, and that certain belgium tourist attraction connection will be forgotten.

    Best wishes always


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