It's not so much ignorance - it's more a kind of blissful unawareness!

I do find it strange the number of men who would seemingly run a mile rather than admit to a problem with their waterworks and go and find out what the problem is.

And see nothing wrong with just putting it off "for now"!

Maybe the real focus of addressing early diagnosis of prostate disease might be to promote doing just that. "Wee Willie gets his waterworks checked" promo ads might do the trick.

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Hmm' the problem is that you can have advanced metastatic prostate cancer without ever having a 'waterworks' symptom. Add to this what I call ostrich syndrome and many cases continue to go undiagnosed until too late for an easier solution.



Hi Bubnjay,

For sure, but it might encourage more men to get over their bashfulness and lead to more prostate disease, not just cancer, being detected and treated. And presumably some of that would include prostate cancer instances.

Maybe urologists need to get together to better promote their area of work to the "man (and yes, I am being gender specific there) on the Clapham omnibus".

And that even though in the first instance the person would probably present to a G.P.


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