Which of the following sentences best describes you?

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  • Diagnosed in Oct last year, PSA of 27,after biopsy Gleason score of 9, received 37 days of Radiotherapy,have next appointment with oncologist 2nd November to see how the Radiotherapy went,fingers crossed

  • Hi, my partner is 57, diagnosed in May with prostate Cancer. His psa was 4and Gleason 5. The Cancer is just breaching the capsule, he has to wait until February for bracytherapy?!! We think this is too long. He's on hormone tablets which apparently shrink the Cancer but in his "head" he thinks it's growing and going into his bones? It's totally awful for him, so scary. It's feels like a time bomb... He has a lot of pain in his groin and hips and legs? Is this normal? he's a number on a NHS waiting list. He's too young not to have sex again... He has no sex drive, no feeling down there. We havent had any support or councelling at all. Is this normal? it feels like there is no sence of urgency to eradicate this dreadful disease from his body. Have I got it wrong?

    Russian Blue2

  • Hi, I have only just found this forum so sorry for late reply. This is horrendous. There is no way that you should be hanging around until February with such a serious prognosis, especially as you think it is about to breach the gland. I don't know where you are geographically but would certainly get to a Urology department who would take this seriously and treat it urgently - such as St Thomas. There are several if you 'google'. I wouldn't wait around any longer and would just deal with it myself and insist I got immediate treatment. Hope this helps.

    p.s. I was 55 when I was diagnosed and had an operation to remove the prostate 3 months after diagnosis.

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  • Interesting. Thanks for the poll. I had prostate cancer surgery on November 24, 2015. I am now cancer free.

  • Russianblue2, I hope you find some good help for your partner. Keep asking around. Maybe he needs counseling.

  • I have had 3 post surgery PSA tests. I am still cancer free. I have to return to my urologist in 6 months and get another PSA test.