Do you think there is enough information available about SCA?

SCA is often misunderstood to be the same as a heart attack. It is one of the biggest killers in the world yet relatively few people understand what it really is, what the symptoms are and what to do in an emergency.

Do you think there is lack of information in healthcare, education and the public domain as a whole, about SCA?

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  • I have seen many patient during illness of my father suffering from problem of prostate and hospitalisd at govt hospital at city hospital.there was a patient of blocking of urine admitted to diagnose was contineuous bt doctor said due to accumulation of excess urine in bladder and increasing urea in blood,so it is heart attack.....patient died after 3 hr.....after that i heard many person died of same shows need of awareness among people to track the record of their patient and converse with doctor.many person dies of lack of holistic approach to treat.

  • In my experience there is a great lack of awareness about the problem of SCA and the solution - AEDs. Unless people become more aware then we will not see more placement of these life-saving devices. The work of H&G is vital in helping promoting the wide-spread placement of AEDs and their importance.

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