Sudden Cardiac Arrest
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Ventricular fibrillation

I suffered cardiac arrest about 6 weeks ago the condition they diagnosed was VF I've had an ablation and I've been told to go back in 8 weeks to see if the ablation was successful i don't really know much at all about VF i know it kills you if it's not caught 'i think what I'm asking is if the ablation is successful does that mean the VF will never occur again do i need to change my diet/lifestyle because this condition can be hereditary and you can be born with it so will changing my lifestyle make any difference? And yes i know i am so very lucky I'd managed to just get to the hospital when my heart stopped and luckily i was resuscitated quickly I'd had a few episodes previously and it was put down to panic attacks luckily for me this time they found out exactly what it was "it's a very scary thing