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Sudden Cardiac Arrest
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Cardiac surgery in India vs. USA

What is cardiac surgery?

Surgeries or operations performed by cardiac surgeons on the heart or vital blood vessels are referred to as cardiac surgery. Treatment and assistance is provided to help cure these diseases in cardiac care centers.

Cardiac surgeries are very expensive in western world, as compared to other developing countries like India. You need to consider these few factors while choosing the destination for cardiac treatments

•Cost of the treatment procedure




•Availability of medications

These factors may depend on the place where the treatment process is carried out. In this article we will be comparing and contrasting cardiac surgery in India and USA.

Cost of cardiac surgery in India and USA

There is the major difference in the cost for surgery in India and USA. Relatively India is cheaper and can be affordable for many of the patients who can not avail these surgical treatments over there due to high price. The same surgery in India would cost $1,583 which is ninety five thousand only and in USA it would cost $ 106,385 that is approx 70 lacs. Even after traveling and other expenses a tourist from America can save huge amount.

More Americans Are Taking Advantage of Medical Tourism

The difference in treatment costs in India and America, Americans travel abroad to receive quality care in an affordable price. This traveling is called as medical tourism or health care traveling. Every year the number of Americans traveling to India by grows 20% and many of them hold up with medical tourism companies offering various health care packages in India.

Indeed, even in the wake of figuring travel costs, including airfare and inn housing for the patient and a visitor, Americans may at present spare a huge number of dollars relying upon the sort of surgery got. As indicated by Patients beyond Borders, which spends significant time in medicinal tourism, if your aggregate quote for US restorative treatment is $6,000 or more, you'll likely save substantially cash by voyaging abroad for care.

India, where patients can get reserve funds of up to 85 percent on restorative methods contrasted with the US, remains a top destination for treatment, however others, for example, Costa Rica, which are also gaining popularity.

Along with savings Americans get the identical services from hospitals and care clinics. The hospitals are JCI accredited and doctors and surgeons are experienced and well skilled in their field.

Why Are US Health Care Costs so High?

The American institutes and hospitals are also unable to answer the question for the exceeding rates of treatment in USA. Here are some reasons for which USA hospitality is so high. The economy is very high and cost of tests and hospital charges goes up. Doctors charge highly to patients.

People chose to travel rather than paying huge amounts in hospitals of America and make a trip for medical treatment getting superlative and affordable both at the same time.

Advantages to choose India as medical destinations for cardiac surgery

Americans get full fledged hospitals and nursing care in India with best doctors and surgeons. The hospital staff is also well trained and there is no barrier of language as English is well known to staff members. No waiting lines as in America for appointment and you get every facility under one roof in India’s multispecialty hospitals.

Cost saving is possible even after other expenses like tickets and accommodations. Also some medical tourism consultancies offer best plans for treatment in India for beyond the boundaries patients to get proper and finest facilities.