Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Heart Rhythm Week AED launches

Heart Rhythm Week AED launches

We placed four life-saving public-access defibrillators (AEDs) in communities across the UK during this year's Heart Rhythm Week, from 3-9 June.

The theme of Heart Rhythm Week this year was Hearts & Goals, borrowing from our campaign of the same name with Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba to help out with CPR training and support the placement of public-access defibrillators in communities across the UK. These life-saving devices can be used by anyone to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone, anywhere and at anytime - as the stories you have so kindly shared with us illustrate. Please do continue to share your experiences - without your words we have less power to push forward change.

During the course of Heart Rhythm Week we donated AEDs to sites (left to right in the pic) in Portland Bill (Dorset), Alcester (Warwickshire), Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) and Bexley Heath (Kent).

Now Heart Rhythm Week is over, please take the opportunity Hearts & Goals Challenge to learn the life-saving difference you can make and download Heart Rhythm Week resources to share with friends and family and help us raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest

Thank you to everyone who has helped us raise awareness and place life-saving equipment to date, we really appreciate your support!