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Six week Shake it up week 4


Hi there how are we all doing?

I’m determined this week. I will swim and I will gym. So I am saying it loud on here, I WILL be back later this week to tell you I have completed these two tasks.

(Sulks back into my corner and wonders if I can do this 😂😂😂😂).

I’m sure I can.

What do you want to do this week?

By the way if anyone is interested there is a new walking challenge starting on the Active 10 forum today if anyone would like to join.

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Can’t get to the gym or pool today so I decided to get on the exercise bike, do my wall pushups, added in wall planks and did a really good stretch session. Quite pleased with that today as I thought I couldn’t fit anything in.

Vesa in reply to Realfoodieclub

Nice work realfoodieclub! I have committed myself to doing some acro yoga with a friend, so some movement IS happening!

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to Vesa

That is great news, well done. Rfc x.

Sounds good 😀 Keep up the good work. I am still only managing to fit stretches and press ups in after a run, but three times a week is better than nothing!

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to skysue16

That is great. It is still three more sessions than you were doing before. It still makes a difference. Well done.

Swam today! Will write a post.

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to icklegui

Well done. Looking forward to hearing about it. I’ve got my stuff ready for tomorrow. I really must this week.

Also we're calling this week week 4? 'cos that's fine with me :)

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to icklegui

Oops your right I put a post up last week without the number on. Hehe it doesn’t take a lot to Confuse me 😂😂😂. Shall we see if anyone else says anything. I’m sure we can just add a week in.

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