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Six week Shake it up challenge - Feel free to join - week 1


The 6 weeks shake it up challenge

The challenge is whatever you want it to be.

Add in something extra.

Keep up your new addition for 6 weeks.

Mine is I am learning to hoop, so for the next six weeks I will be doing at least three session a week. Also I want to build to assisted push ups. Three sessions a week. So I am doing a twofold challenge.

The list of ideas is unlimited but here a few suggestions


Pull ups

Push ups

Downward dog

Glute stretches




Sit ups


Etc. Etc. Etc.

Pick something you have always wanted to do and challenge yourself to try it for 6 weeks

Stay safe, don’t pick something too difficult, do your research make sure you know what you are doing and how to perform all moves safely

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone want to do.

First week is 13th - 19th August.

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I will go first

My challenge is to get my weighted hoop out at least three times every week and work to get to be more proficient in hooping.

I also want to progress from wall push ups to assisted push ups or unassisted push ups by the end of the six weeks. Again three or more sessions a week.

By the end of the six weeks I want to be able to do 10 assisted pushups and 10 mins hooping.

Starting from tomorrow


Ok... had an app for even longer than I had C25K before starting. My goal will be 50 consecutive push ups.

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Welcome to the challenge and good luck. Does the app start you off nice and steady?

Well, I dunno... I didn’t get as far as opening it 😂😂😂😂

2-3-4-3-2 tomorrow... no idea how log the breaks are, I’m guessing I won’t have all day to do it 😂😂

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Good luck, I can’t even do a proper one. So far I can only do wall ones 😂

I’m like that with sit-ups... maybe I can try to do one on the next challenge!

That wall push up looks harder than adapted.., I’ll try some in the morning.

Very useful article, thank you!

Great idea! I desperately need to do some regular core work again so I am going to challenge myself to do wall push ups everyday (thanks for the article and videos, very informative). Not a new exercise for me but the challenge is to get into a routine then hopefully add extra exercises. 😀

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to skysue16

Great news, welcome. I will be doing the wall push up with you as well. We can all keep each other motivated.


I'm planning on getting back running 3times a week as schools have bn off for nearly 6 weeks I also want to start the strength and flex program. I do have a question regarding the strength n flex do you need to do the walking inbetween the exercises like in pod cast?

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to Cazzajambo

Welcome. I will be honest with you, when I did the S&F I did all the exercises at home then went for a walk. At the time the only one I couldn’t do at home was the ones with the tree or railings, the assisted pull up so I used to just do that when I was out. I was running as well so on my off days I did a speedy walk and the exercises at home,

Great idea..... Im in. So for me i want to nail my first pull up in 6 weeks... I am on assisted pull ups at the moment but I feel I am getting close. This will help motivate me to keep at it :)

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to ju-ju-

Wow, I am so jealous, Go you. I’m On Wall assisted push ups, the precursor to starting my pull up challenge 😀. Great goal.

Hi all,

Gonna break the 4th wall and join you! I've been wanting to build, like, any muscle at all but will focus on getting some upperbody and core strength. Would love to be able to do 3 normal push ups with proper form, and also going to do another 30 day yoga challenge (1 yoga video of 20-45 mins every day). Need someone to hold me accountable...

Thanks for setting up the challenge ! :)

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to Vesa

Welcome to our group. We will help keep you motivated. We will all support each other. Love your goals.


I'm going to add a bit of wrist-strengthening to my routine, just haven't quite worked out how yet :)

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to roseabi

Sounds good. You have just reminded me we have these kicking around the house somewhere, I bought it for MrRfc, years ago

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Realfoodieclub

Nice gadget :)

Hi, can I join in? I would like to do a plank challenge and increase the length of my plank hold over the course of the challenge. I'm starting from virtually nothing - a few seconds :)

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to sunny369

Of course you can. Take it nice and steady. Are you doing full ones or assisted. I am still on the assisted ones, it is taking me ages to progress to full ones 😀.

um - don't know! Full? I better google it :)

I have looked it up, I think I will start with an assisted plank and try to progress to holding a full one by the end of the challenge :)

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to sunny369

Sounds like a plan. I find full ones really hard but you never know you might really take to them and be fine. I always think it is better to start small and build up. Good luck.

thanks - good plan :)

I’m new to S&F can I join and carry on till six weeks or will you start another at the end of this one?

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to HappyNoodle

Hi there and welcome, of course you can join. We will be doing another one afterwards as well. Are you doing the program or younon thing.

I will go for the program. Hopefully it will be as addictive as the running 😊

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