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I want to lose weight but I hate the gym... I walk my dogs a lot and wanted to get a bit more out of it. I found some small hand weights (not too heavy) and I was curious as to whether I could walk with these? I’ve read s few articles about how walking with ankle weights can cause more problems than do good so was wondering if hand weights or even a weight vest would benefit me at all?

Thanks in advance

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I am wary of walking its weights as when you get tired you will hold them differently and could put pressure on your shoulders. If they are light weights I would maybe use a back pack so you could put them In There and use them correctly then just put them in the backpack when not in use. For a good upper body workout I would maybe look at Nordic walking for a full body workout as well.


here was my reply. It was over in Weight Loss:

Yes, walking with weights is a good way of increasing your calorie burn and improving your stamina etc. You are right about ankle weights - they can cause damage to the joints. I have a weight vest which I wear sometimes while running or on walks. You don't need to go that expense though - one of the most popular ways of adding weight to walks is simply wearing a backpack or small rucksack and loading it with cans of beans or house bricks or water bottles (I would go for the water bottles as you can use them to have a drink while you're out too). The advantage of this method is you can easily add more or less weight as you feel necessary.

I would suggest you start out with fairly light weight though and increase gradually over the course of a few weeks though. Your joints and tendons etc will need to strengthen as they acclimatise to the added weight.

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I reckon if you try walking fast uphill and normal pace down hill that type of interval training will improve your fitness. Weights are iffy as you may aggravate your back and joint. If it's not hilly where you live just walk as fast as you can and time yourself and then alternate with walking normal pace.

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Hiya I do a combination of the two posts above and it works a treat for general healthiness and feeling happy, weight-loss and stamina/strength. I do fast walking, 6/7 miles at a time, a third of it uphill and started using a backpack after three weeks of doing this 4 nights a week. To start with the backpack had a 1 pint cast iron pan in it and over 1 summer (or 5 months) ended up with the 2 pint, 3 pint and the frying pan.

Best wishes


Sounds really interesting thanks for your reply.

Has this helped you lose a lot of weight?


I don't weigh myself but I dropped 2 clothes sizes over about 6 months. I'd also stopped eating refined sugar, starches and dairy though for the last 2 months of that.

That was really easy to do 'cause the fast walking makes you feel really good. At first I'd start walking then get as fast as I could with as big a stride as possible without breaking into a run. I could maintain that speed on the flat for about 2 miles at first but after about 2 weeks I started having to go up hill as I was staying out too late because I didn't feel tired.

I suppose it depends on the dogs too. I've got a lurcher who'd go all day if I let him. Also you have to keep your posture in check.

Good luck if you try it


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