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Help with dealing with the pain

Hi I’m Nadine I have knee pain l still work standing all day I am over weight I am 258 pounds I use to get my 10,000 steps in but it’s too painful now

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You obviously are committed to your health.

Try a knee brace, topical Voltaren, and ice for 20 min after work or workouts. See if you can work yourself back up to 10,000 steps starting at a reasonable amount of steps(5000?)

Get an exercise bike and start slowly building endurance and working on keeping your range of motion.

Focus on meal planning and portion control.

The weight won’t fall off but 7-10lbs will feel good with the other things you are trying to do.

Talk with an Orthopedic Surgeon about what your knee replacement opportunities are. If all else fails and you have done these things, you will be a good surgical candidate and can expect a good outcome.

Stay in touch and let us know how you do.

Dr Wood


Thanks l will try to get moving


Nadine, Welcome to our community! While you know you are overweight, you may not appreciate what a significant impact your weight has on your knees. For every extra 10 pounds of weight, there id 30-60 additional pounds felt by your knees. So losing weight is essential for you to decrease your knee pain. Small changes in your eating habits can make a difference. Please try to keep active, try an exercise bicycle where all your weight is not on your knees. Moving helps keep your joint healthier and your muscles stronger---strong muscles also decrease stress felt by your knees. Please know we are here to support you!



Thanks for your advice and support



Thanks for joining our group. I would like to continue on the theme of moving as much as you can. I would suggest that you figure out what activity you currently do and then set a goal that pushes your comfort zone a little. I wear an activity monitor to track the number of steps that I do each day. There are four things that I do each day during the workweek that has helped to increase my steps.

1. I do not park in the spot closest to my office. I park in the last row.

2. Every time that I go up and down stairs I follow the rule: walk down two floors and up one floor.

3. Every hour, I get up from my desk and do a small loop around my office. I also use this time as an opportunity to drink a glass of water.

4. During lunch, I add a small walk to my lunch. For me that means that I take the longer path to the cafeteria.

This has successfully resulted in increasing the number of steps that I take and I am less stiff during the day.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.



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