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Start Moving: Knee Pain Support
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Knee pain

Gm everyone also knee pain suffer trying to do my best by trying to motivate myself to do more exercise i just dont have tbe energy anymore since i also suffer with my lower back pain it is so miserable to live like this. Any words of wisdom is appreciate thank you

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Dear Chulis, We all are challenges to motivate ourselves to move. We know that if we do move and exercise, we actually have more energy. The key to take those first steps and to do it regularly. Please try starting small. Movement will help your back pain as well. Can you try walking around the block every day? It is so so important to move. Movement is life!!! And no one will take care of you except you and you matter!

Please keep us posted on your progress. You can do it!!


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Thank u so much for your words of encouragement


If there was a magic pill for motivation, I would take it. I have fallen off the exercise more times than I like to admit. Im hesitant to even advise people as Im not too great at it either. I fight depression also which interferes with my motivation. My new years restart was to get back on my exercise bike. I also have a fit bit but counting steps is discouraging as the more I walk, the more my knee hurts!!!

So my new goal is to get in more steps than the day before. I just hit over 3000. On my bike Im up to 6 minutes. It sounds pitiful in the workout world but in my world... success is trying everyday to exceed the day before.

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