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Tired of you dieting and being tired!! I need help!!

Hi My name is Janet. I am a Christian. I love the Lord with all I am. am 59 years old. I am married. I have 5 grown children and 9 grands. I am mostly a positive person. I work with special needs clients. I have been over weight since I was 5. I have tried more diets than I can remember. I believe obesity is a disability!! It makes so many things hard to do.!! Joined the Y to get moving. Need help getting headed in the right direction God Bless!!

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God bless you! We know that MOVING is so important and GREAT FOR YOU that you joined the Y to get moving. It can be very very challenging to lose weight. But small changes in your diet COMBINED with more movement will produce change. but the most important thing is to MOVE. Your knees in particular are at risk of developing disability arthritis and movement is the key to helping your knees stay healthy. We are here to be your community and encourage your. We are all no this journey together! Merry Christmas!



Welcome Janet! You are not alone in the struggle for weight loss. It took my 18 months to lose 35 lb as I am not the most compliant person... kind of like the Israelites wandering in the desert 40 yr😂. I really need to lose another 35 lb but having trouble getting motivated. I have found making small changes over time works, you just have to be patient and never quit. My knees are feeling the effects of obeisty which is making walking harder. Im working on making friends with my exercise bike. Good luck, keep us posted

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Dear Janet:

Forget about dieting. Just think about changing your eating habits. Focus on keeping up an exercise program, drink lots and lots and lots of water and eat about 1/2 of what you put on your plate. You will see the pounds roll off. Good Luck


Hi Janet,

Thanks for joining our group. I also have arthritis in my knees and am overweight. I suggest that you separate your concerns about obesity and your ability to move around. In other words, focus on the movement. Start slowly, set a realistic goal for each day. Let's say, walk for 15 minutes around the neighborhood. If you can do this twice in a day, great. If not, once is just fine. Try to do this every other day. After you have done this for one week, then try to increase your goal for the next week. Every day or a longer time is just fine. Do you have to walk? No. You can substitute other activities that require movement of your knees. After you make it a habit, then start focusing on your nutrition. But try to eat as healthy as you can now.

Please keep in touch. Our group is here to support you.


When you look in the mirror every day, say: "I see a beautiful woman who is moving everyday and receiving love, all ways." Bless you; you are being held by all. Keep moving, one step at a time~connecting with others is a wonderful start to renew your vitality. BJoy

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