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Knee Pain

I am new to the community and wondered if you have any ideas about knee pain only at night. Would it help if I wore a brace? What type of brace?

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Hello vpain! welcome to the community and thanks for posting your great question. There appear to be a lot of braces and sleeves available that claim to reduce pain including pain at night but I've not personally used one. No doubt there will be more people with this kind of experience joining the community in the next few weeks so watch this space for more replies :-) Anyone else out there able to comment, please join the conversation!

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Knee pain only at night (at rest) concerns me and prompt a visit to a Doc to get a diagnosis of the cause. A complete history and exam with appropriate Xrays should get to the reason for the pain and provide for appropriate treatment. Bracing is typically for activity related pain and instability.


vpain: knee pain only at night would be unusual for arthritis. Most people with arthritis will have pain during the day with certain activities and if they overdo it then also have some pain at night, particularly at the end of a long day. If you have pain which awakens you from sleep at night, please go see your doctor as sometimes this could mean you have some type of tumor in your knee. That would be really rare but it can happen.


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