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My joints

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I had a knee operation at the age of 15 as I tore the cartilage in my right knee, since then all of my joints have become painful, I’ve been to the doctors several times and got told that “it’s just my life” being the reason they are painful. I keep meaning to make an appointment as they just keep getting worse but I don’t see much point when I keep getting told that there isn’t anything wrong. When clearly there is something not right. At the age of 24 you shouldn’t be having joint problems for no reason...

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Have you had xrays done? Do you feel bone on bone?

I had X-rays done around 9 years ago when I had the operation. Since then the doctors have been useless. It feels like bone on bone. But with my job there is no way I can just sit down

Try Trinity Rehab. I haven't been there, but heard that they do more than PT. They do something called EPAT. It suppose to losen scar tissue. Maybe they can help.

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