well glad to say finally got my appointment through to see the rheumatologist at the hospital....only got to wait till june...but hay ho at least i got one...i wanted to go to my local hospital but got go one further away but it not to far, was just thinking would be the local one as can walk there but nope have to drive there haha keep arm everyone..xxx

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  • Nice one, I had to wait 11 months a very long waiting list I was told. :)

  • i was bit surprised was in june did think would be longer wait..well happy x

  • THta's great news - taske a list of questions you may have - if you are anything like me when I am there I forget the things I wanted to ask - & remember on the way home ! xx

  • yep will do good advise..x

  • oh i also took some photos on my phone to show him how my hands go..white..to purple x

  • It took me over a year to see a rheumatologist in Norwich. The first appointment was cancelled, then the second, then the third, until I finally lost my patience (!) and threatened them with an official complaint and then magically an appointment appeared which wasn't cancelled. When I met the consultant he said he thought the delay was unacceptable, and said he did not know about the series of cancellations. I don't want to unsettle your expectations, but if you get a cancellation I would write straightaway and complain directly to the consultant concerned listing the reasons why it is important for you to have an early appointment. Don't take no for an answer. If you don't drive your care programme yourself nobody will...

  • sorry you had problems...hope mines ok..x

  • Yes totally agree, I had Pain Clinic appointments - they cancelled three times. Complain - it sounds awful but make a nuisance of yourself. There again we may all be jumping the gun, your appointment may be a smooth ride, we all live in different areas/counties etc.

  • Hi sandycharlie. i was wondering how you are. Good to know you've been given an appointment to see your Rheumatologist. June will soon be here but just a little tip, let the department know that if there's a cancellation you will be happy to accept an earlier appointment if possible. If things get worse, which I hope will not be the case, let your GP know. The waiting lists at the hospitals do seem to be quite lenghty. Fingers crossed for you. All the best.

  • hi i bin not to bad thanks...think it helps the weather bit better...hope you are ok and keeping warm..x

  • hi all an thanks for your replies, am really glad got an appointment....will definitely be taking a list of questions i to always forget an remember on way home what question i wanted to know...haha i am have been not to bad this past few days with the weather warming up a bit...take care an keep warm everyone xx

  • Definitely take photos on your phone ....really good idea - if you are like me after sitting in a hot waiting room for an hour my fingers are pink & no sign of raynauds !! Good luck & do let us know how you get on :) xxx

  • IV always from day 1 took photos on my phone. Be4 I even heard of raynauds. To show just how they ad gone. As I say id never heard of it. This was only Feb 12. Hope every one keeping well. And warm.

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