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Simple pleasures!

For the first time in months I managed to get through a supermarket shop without a severe Raynaud's attack (still had one but it was bearable!) Step 1: Hands warmed up for 5 minutes with gentle heat from hairdryer. Step 2 Put on wrist warmers, glove liners, fingerless gloves and over-mitts, hat, scarf, coat nicely warmed on radiator. Feet nice and snug in thermal socks & thermal lined boots Step 3 Take bean bag heated in microwave in car so I can keep my hands warm one by one when safe to do so! Step 4 Steering wheel cover so I don't have to touch cold surface Step 5 Steer & push shopping trolley with wrists, body and legs rather than grip cold handle. Phew!

I have even got over the embarrassment of asking staff at the till to get my card or money out for me so I don't have to take off my gloves and risk a full blown attack or touch cold coins which always set me off along with cold house keys!

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and I moan........... your hands are so much worse than mine, well done


Nicely done tcogb! :D Glad someone's getting their routine down.

Tip#1: The bathrooms have hand-dryers

Tip#2: The bakery is a great place to just...'Hang'. :P (I am so guilty of spending too much time here).

Tip#3: you shopping online :D I do this regularly. ^-^;

The RSA do key holders and you can adapt the things for cards too *evil grin* tiny bit of diy necessary and a hope that you never ever want to draw money out of a cash really well with credit cards (which you never want to draw out on anyway).


I know exactly what u mean!!!!!!!!


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