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Frozen feet: "put your feet up".

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Hiya all, like most of you trying to put a brave face on, can only do it because i am indoors in July in UK, nice day but had to close all windows in my small bedsit as toes started to go a bit numb.

Do they do Ugg boots for men I would look stupid in them being a man!


I read loadsa about hands but not feet? I had to pay nuffield private to get the proper diagnosis and a prescription for Nifidepine, and now my GP in singing from the same song-sheet as well.

I am posting cos I have noticed that the veins in my hands and elsewhere are engorged with blood and very pronounced. 'Funny' thing: if I raise my arm up the veins go down, so: dont have your hands lower that your heart for relief, and same for feet "put your feet up"

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Why don't you have a consultant rheumatologist?

I have received as a present a faux fur throw which is electric and you can regulate the temperature and for how long. I use it only during the day. Even now in our summer. When my feet and/ or hands are cold I sit down, cover myself with it and switch it on for 10 minutes or so and every thing is back to normal. In my bed I have an electric over-blanket that I can keep on at night. My windows have not been opened for a long time. My understanding is that I cannot get warmed up by myself I need an outside source of heat. Boots are not enough by temselves unless I put warm feet in them, but they soon get cold again. You could find the throw on the internet.

In the winter if I need them I use mycoal bags in my silver gloves (obtainable from the Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association) and wear plenty of layers of clothing.

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My feet cannot tolerate the weight of bedding and I use a bed cradle but I wonder if the electric overblanket would work for me. Are they heavy?

I will investigate the throw immediately - thanks for the tip.

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Wow, I thought I was alone in this. I tend to hang my feet over the edge of the bed (with 3 pairs of socks on) as I cannot tolerate the weight.

I forgot to add to my message that it is miserable to be cold.

Hello yes they do Ugg Boots for men. Of course you would not look stupid in them. Australian friends wear their Ugg boots in the summer or winter. We had visitors before Christmas and the men wore UGG Boots and they looked good. They were wearing them indoors as well for slippers. Better to be warm and smiling than cold and miserable. Get online and buy your boots if you need them.

Best Wishes


PS. Zennab is correct you need to warm your feet before you put your boots on. The electric throw sounds excellent. I have microwaveable heated pads and snuggle under my fleece with these. I have Raynauds as diagnosed by my GP. No one has suggested yet that I see a Rhumatologist?

Best wishes


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It was a Dermatologist that I waited 8 months to see that diagnosed my condition. I am on a waiting list the the Rheumatologist (who's waiting list is 11 months).

ah Tezza get those Ugg boots on !! I agree with Jessie and Zenabb !! I wear ski socks with mine wehoo ! I think they look better on men than ladies as I am conscious that my feet look as though the woman, plus her family and shoe live in mine lol Better to have warm toes than cold ulcerated ones which may eventually have to be amputated !! prevention is better than cure ! and really who cares what others think you look like ? they are lucky to live in their warm toe ignorance of raynauds bliss !! as anyone who knows about raynauds, would be more than sympathetic to see you looking cosy with warm toes :)

Hey, Ive gone past worrying what I look like - as long as I am warm that suits me more !

Ugg boots should be available on prescription..for any and everyone with Raynaud's! I live in mine :-)

I have scleroderma and SLE (never been one to do things by half lol) and started to develop Raynaud's more than 10 years ago. Now it's very bad. Hands and feet are bad enough but blue/black lips just isn't a good look :-/

PS I must say, it's nice to hear from a man for a change!

I am very suprised that you have not been refered to see a rheumatologist. They are the 1st person you see after seeing your GP and am even more suprised that Nuffied didnt refer you either.

Doesnt matter if you male or female regarding the Ugg boots/shoes as long as you are keeping warm it shouldnt matter what you look like. Love the idea about the electric throw.

@ Halfpint.. my ears and nose go a blue/black colour... my partner says it reminds her of the me to you bears LOL LOL

I wear Muks. I think they are even warmer than uggs because they have sheepskin on. The inside and rabbit fur on the outside. And they look lovely.

Well 23 months on still waiting to see a Rheumatologist. It took 8 months to see a Dermatologist who diagnosed the Raynauds in my feet. Now a further 11 months on a waiting list to see a Rheumatologist.

I agree with your comment about hands and feet, suffers with our feet seem to be even more of a minority.

When I was a child, I refused to go to bed without washing my feet in warm water. Later I discovered why!!

Last Christmas, I received an electric back warmer as a gift. I love it and it doubles as an electric bed warmer. It came from Lidl and I think costs £14.99.

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